Saturday 22 December 2012

Late Night Shopping

Members this week travelled down to Plymouth to spend money.

Monday 3 December 2012

Annual Quiz

The final meeting of the month once again saw the Farmers Club, NFU and Young Farmers gather for the Annual Quiz.
President Roger Goodman had the questions, Sadie Cornilus kept the score, and it was all very tense.
Round after round the four members in each team concentrated to answer the sometimes seemingly impossible questions set by Oliver.
I don't know how they coped under the pressure as the scores remained very close, after the final round each team had 22 points; there was a tie break question.
How many times had the YFC won the quiz? The closest team to the correct answer 11 was the Farmers Club.
Congratulations to them and thank you to the NFU team and Quiz master Mr Goodman.

Livelihood Forum

Thusday 22nd November, we were fortunate enough to have three speakers for the evening, Tim Loe, Andrew Rattray and Cllr Phil Parsons.
These three wise men gave an insight in to their careers, from where they had started to what they were doing now and how they got there.
From both ends of the book dealing spectrum, mass sales with a small margin per book to very few but much prized exchanges of rare and antique editions. Tim and Andrew both showed that it is very possible to make a living 'using your wits' and finding that little niche that others may have overlooked.
Cllr Phil Parsons enlightened us on his role as Cornwall councillor, and how the wheels of politics turn from a single voice in the community to large organisations dealing directly with the county council.
These three speakers generated a good question and answer session to conclude the evening.

Monday 26 November 2012

Indoor Sports round+final (part 2)

After finishing third at Bodmin, and with Oliver on his second whistle and Lauren now on an A4 note book, they managed to put together a team for the final at Newquay sports centre. After paddling through the puddles and avoiding the debris and dead cars that littered the A30 on the way we arrived bang on time and began to warm up.
Once again we played with our balls, weaving in and out of cones and throwing the takeaway Frisbee, running the length of the hall and finally scoring not quite as many runs in the cricket as previously to come fifth in the county.
Well done to Oliver and Lauren for marshaling the monkeys and achieving an excellent result.

New members evening

This meeting was held at Trethorne leisure farm, we had a go at some bowling and then drove at each other on Dogems. Great.
As always new members are more than welcome to come along and see what we get up to. Keep an eye on the facebook page and the Launceston YFC website, the calendar facility has some information on forthcoming events.
Chairman Tim 07794537208, Secretary Sadie 07557444802.

Indoor Sports Round+Final

After many weeks of practise we arrived at Bodmin to compete in the Indoor Sports Round for the Clubs in the East of the county. We threw Frisbees, dribbled small balls and bounced our big balls we played Cricket, ran wall to wall, hopped, skipped and jumped our way in to third place which gets us through to the final at Newquay in the following weeks.
To Be Continued.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

01/11/2012 Indoor sports practice

The first meeting after the clocks fall back, this seemed like a good time to have our indoor sports practise. This also gives the sports sectaries a chance to decide who will compete in the various events at the county round in the coming week.
Oliver Stephens and Lauren Cornelius took control for this evening, with Laurens keen eye and note keeping and with Oliver blowing his whistle quite delightfully after the given time had elapsed they both did a fine job in selecting members to represent Launceston at Bodmin school sports hall on the 13th November.

Monday 5 November 2012

25/10/2012 New Members Evening

This Thursday we met for an evening of fun and games, and a chance for new members to come along and see what fun young farmers can be.
Meetings are Thursday evenings and range from visits to a variety of business and charities, talks by various people and the usuall club, county and regional competitions. 
New members are always welcome for more information please contact;
Chairman, Tim Kenyon 07794537208

Monday 29 October 2012

18/10/2012 Taekwondo

This week we thought we'd have a bash at a martial art.
Guy and Lisa Southard are both black belts and very kindly spent an evening at Budehaven sports hall to show us some moves.
Allthough we only had a couple hours with the quick footed fast fisted couple we were given a small insight in to this aincent Korean combat technique.
Firstly after a good allround warmup members paired up and had go at defending their partners attempts at making contact with the shoulders and knees of their opponent. this quickly moved on to practicing a few baisic kicks and punches, with the aim still remaining on defence rather than just attacking the opponent. An excellent meeting providing much amusement, Thank you to Guy and Lisa Southard.

Friday 19 October 2012

11/10/2012 Cornish Orchards

This weeks meeting was a visit to Cornish Orchards, Duloe.
Westnorth Manor Farm is a Duchy farm, originally a mixed and then dairy farm. The first apple trees were planted around twenty years ago, in a steep field which was difficult to farm. As these trees matured and apple juice proved to be both popular and profitable, milk production gave way to a variety of apple juices and blends of cider. The club were given a brief tour of the facilities and then enjoyed sampling some cider at different stages during its process. A very enjoyable evening!

Saturday 13 October 2012

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for Launceston Young Farmers Club was held at the White Hart Hotel last Thursday. The evening was well attended by club members and those in the advisory team. Dan Batten and Jess Brookham gave a report of their Young Farmers year as Chairman and Secretary and thanked everyone who successfully undertook their officer roles throughout the year. The evening concluded with an entertaining slideshow of photographs.

Congratulations for attaining your new roles:

President: Roger Goodman
Vice President: Winston Davey
Club leader: Alison Jones
Assistant Club Leaders: Jeremy Shute & Richard Gribble
Chairman: Tim Kenyon
Vice Chairman: Claire Butter
Secretary: Sadie Cornelius
Treasurer: Claire Butter
Assistant Treasurer: Richard Stanbury
Social Secretaries: Sam Gubbin and Jess Brookham
Programme Secretary: Louise Cooper
Skills for Life Officer: Nathan Dinnis
Supporters Club Secretary: Sofie Watton
Sports Secretaries: Lauren Cornelius and Oliver Stephens
Press and Publicity Officer: Tom Merritt  

Dinner and Dance

On Saturday 29th September, Launceston Young Farmers Club held their Annual Dinner and Dance at Roadford Lake. After a delicious three course meal the club welcomed guest speakers:  Anthony Ellis, Julian Ellis and Pat Harvey. The 2011-2012 Club Chairman, Dan Batten, also made a speech reflecting on the events of the past year. Awards were presented to members for their hard work and achievements and the evening was rounded off with an 'ipod disco' compiling the musical tastes of club members.

 The awards were: 

Most points - Claire Butter and Tom Merritt
Best Attendance - Charlotte Parker and Luke Uglow
Best New Members - Emily Brookham and Aaron Gregory
Best dramatic achievement - Sophie Watton
Most Helpful Member - Emily Brookham and Oliver Stephens
Most Points at Rally - Charlotte Parker, Claire Butter and Oliver Stephens
Best non committee members - Dan Uglow and Becky Vine
Most points in stock judging - Becky Vine
Highest Achiever in Speaking competitions (New cup donated by Dan Batten)- Claire Butter
Artistic Achievement (New cup donated by Janet Ham)- Oliver Stephens

Friday 28 September 2012

County Harvest Festival Preparation

Members of Launceston YFC travelled to Gwinear Church, Hayle last night to help with final preparations for Cornwall YFC's County Harvest Festival. The harvest festival takes place at Gwinear tonight at 8pm and it is followed by a disco at Camborne Rugby club. 

Monday 24 September 2012

Harvest Festival

Launceston YFC's Harvest Festival took place this week at Liftondown Methodist Chapel. Rev Cathy Arscott led the service during which members brought along fresh produce and The Parable of the Sowers was read by Ed, Tom, Sadie and Claire. Jess also read a poem and Launceston Young Farmers show-stopping Sea Shandy group sang a harvest toast.

Following the service, vice- chairman Tim Kenyon provided entertainment. He hosted a game of Lanson YFC Mr and Mrs, with Ed and Claire proving to be the perfect partnership!

Sunday 16 September 2012

Medical Detection Dog

Last Thursday, Launceston YFC were given a talk by Tim Sutton-Woodhouse regarding medical detection dogs. He spoke of the remarkable sense of smell that dogs have, which enables them to identify changes to the medical conditions of humans. Medical detection dogs have been trained to work with people who suffer from conditions such as narcolepsy, pain seizures and diabetes; the dogs have been an extremely important lifeline to so many. The dogs recognise body changes and make humans aware of the change before their conditions worsen.

New research has led to the training of cancer detection dogs. The dogs are able to detect the small amounts of volatile substances that are released by cancer cells and it is hoped that in the future these dogs will be able to develop an early cancer screening service.

The talk was very interesting and eye opening for everyone. We would like to thank Tim for giving up his time to talk to the club.  

Sunday 9 September 2012

Presidents Night

No one knew how they were going to be spending their evening when they turned up at Treyboy Farm last Thursday for ‘Presidents Night,’ they were only told to dress according to the weather! After many guesses were made, Janet Ham announced the club would be Land Rover Trialing!

The club was split into two groups, with one half beginning with a tricky off road course, while the others started with trials to test control and precision. The off road course travelled across challenging terrain, through water and over banks, with the main aim of not hitting any wooden poles on route! In the other field, member were timed and scored on their accuracy of placing cups on the top of bamboo canes, after each pair swapped drivers, they then drove over a steep bank with the passenger carrying a bucket of water!

The adrenaline filled evening became very competitive and lots of fun was had by all. We would like to thank Janet and Lawson Ham, as well many friends and family, for their hard work which resulted in such a brilliant club evening- it was most definitely enjoyed by everyone!

Monday 3 September 2012

Farm Walk

Last Thursday Launceston Young Farmers were treated to a farm walk at Treovis Cross Farm, Middlewood kindly led by owners David Taylor and Carol Horsington. The young farmers were taken on a walk around their farm on the edge of Notter Tor, where they saw prime pedigree Dexter Cattle which included short legged, long legged and short-long legged animals! The club were given a great insight into this small breed of cattle which is renowned for their flavoursome and succulent meat. They may be small, but members learnt a lot about the hardy animals which originated from South West of Ireland.

The higher level stewardship schemes provide a large input into David and Carol’s farming methods. Launceston Young Farmers learnt a lot about the significant environmental benefits which have been achieved at Treovis Cross Farm, this included looking at the hedge laying and fencing methods.

The club looked at willow which is grown at the farm and used by Carol to make magnificent produce such as baskets, hats, hurdles and furniture. David is also beginning to produce his own charcoal using wood from his own woodland area and he seems to have found a real niche in the market. Members learnt a lot about areas of farming which were relatively new to them and the inspiring evening has definitely encouraged members to look at diversifying themselves. We would like to thank David and Carol for the evening.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Padstow Lobster Hatchery

Launceston Young Farmers visited the National Lobster Hatchery at Padstow last Thursday to explore the conservation work which is done in order to improve the sustainability in fisheries and aquaculture. The club learnt about the processes involved, which included collecting eggs from female lobsters, rearing larvae and releasing the lobsters within the surrounding sea.

It was explained to the club about ongoing research projects, many of which have helped to enhance the stock potential of the European Lobster.

The eye-opening evening was extremely interesting for members. 

Farm Walk this week- 30th August

Morning all, this week's farm walk is at Treovis Farm, home of Cornish Willow.
They've emailed me directions from all angles but this set starts at Congdon's Shop from Launceston:

Drive straight across this junction following the B3254 passing through Berrio Bridge and Middlewood. After leaving Middlewood drive for a further 1 mile and you will come to a cross roads, known as Treovis Cross, where there is a sign to Treovis pointing to the left.  At these crossroads turn right and you will find us about 50 yards on the left.

Sorry but it's another early start at 7pm. But this will allow you extra time to see Luke's fencing...

Monday 20 August 2012

Gig Rowing

The club were warmly welcomed to Bude Pilot Gig Club last Thursday to enjoy an evening of gig rowing at Tamar Lakes. After being given a brief introduction into the history of the sport and production of the gigs, the Young Farmers were able to have a go! Launceston YFC was divided into groups of 6, and under the watch of the enthusiastic members of the Gig Club the Young Farmers were able to experience the sport. A gradual row to the end of the lake turned rather more competitive on the way back when the teams raced towards the finish line! We would like to thank Bude Pilot Gig Club for giving Launceston YFC a fascinating insight into this exciting sport.

Launceston YFC Saloon Summer Ball

Launceston YFC hosted a Saloon Summer Ball this year at Smallacombe Farm, Lifton by kind permission of Mr and Mrs D Northey. After a delicious two course roast meal (many thanks to Mary Andrews and Launceston Brownies for all their help) music was played by the Boogaloo Dudes and BK discos and the evening was danced away! We would like to thank everyone for their help and support. 

Saturday 4 August 2012

Summer Ball Prep

The marquee is up and nearly set for Launceston YFC's Saloon Summer Ball. The final touches are under way today and we look forward to seeing everyone tonight!

Monday 30 July 2012

Cornwall YFC Rally

Young Farmers from across the county gathered at South Hendra Farm, Liskeard last Saturday for the rally this year. Launceston put forward a strong collection of entries, with everyone working to a very high standard. 

There was a collection of static entries which included photography, cookery, art, handicraft and floral art. Launceston won this section overall! In addition there were practical competitions and sports events throughout the day. Members of Launceston YFC were extremely enthusiastic, participating in a variety of these competitions and performing very well. Jess Brookham and Sadie Cornelius gained first place in the Farm Safety Quiz and Oliver Stephens won the sausage and omelette making! 

The hard work from members paid off and Laucneston YFC were Runners Up overall in the County. Well done to everyone who contributed towards this fantastic result!

Launceston Show Competitions

Due to the recent adverse weather conditions, members of Launceston Young Farmers relocated to Maunders Country Store in order to display their ‘Launceston Show’ entries. The club presented a fantastic range of exhibits which included handicraft, cookery, crops, live beef judging and carcass judging. 

There was also a cubicle competition with the theme of Olympic cities. Claire Butter’s team produced a brilliant display of ‘Paris’ to win this competition. Eleanor Northey made a magnificent ‘Ascot Hat’ along with other entries to win the trophy for the new member with the most points. Richard Stanbury and Claire Butter gained the most points for boys and girls respectively. Aaron Gregory created an intricate Olympic sculpture which was crowned ‘Best Handicraft’. 

Well done to everyone who contributed, and many thanks to those who supported the club throughout the day. 


Thursday 26 July 2012

Saloon Summer Ball


Monday 23 July 2012


Launceston Young Farmers Club Show Still Goes On!

Following the cancellation of Launceston Show, Launceston Young Farmers will be presenting an eclectic display of cookery, produce and handicraft at Maunders Farm and Country Store on Thursday 26th July. Members will be exhibiting their show entries and in this year's exciting schedule the classes include an 'Ascot Hat,' an 'Afternoon Tea Display' and an 'Olympic Breakfast Pie.' The photography section will provide good viewing with photos entitled ‘Crash, Bang, Whallop!’ and ‘75 Years Young’. Other competitions include Lamb and Beef Carcases, and a pair of Live Butchers Lambs.

There will be the opportunity to purchase tickets for a big money prize summer draw as well as Launceston YFC's Saloon Summer Ball. The presentation of prizes will commence at 5.30pm. The tent will be open from 10am, please pop in to see the work of the talented Launceston Young Farmers.

In the evening, Launceston Young Farmers Club are hosting an after-show dance at the White Hart Hotel from 9pm. Tickets are available on the door for 16 years and over. No under 18 non-members. ID required.

Visit to a Daffodil Farm

Launceston and Wadebridge Young Farmers joined together last Thursday for a farm walk. The clubs travelled to Truro where they visited a daffodil farm. The club members were given an interesting overview of the background and history of the farm, and then proceeded with a tour of the yard. He showed them the work which occurs within the summer season and also demonstrated machines which are used to clean, dry and grade the bulbs.

It was eye opening to gain a greater understanding of the flower picking process, and relate this to the market and customers. The evening provided an excellent insight into a type of farming which is scarcely seen in our area of Cornwall. We would like to thank everyone at the farm for their kind hospitality.

Monday 16 July 2012

Talk by Farm Accountant

An informative evening was in store for Launceston YFC last Thursday as the club was given a talk by Mr Brian Harvey, a director of Francis Clark Chartered Accountants. Brian, who is a Truro based specialist in agricultural accounting, gave advice on how to efficiently manage farm accounts, succession planning and tax payments. Growing up in West Cornwall, he was passionate to share his experiences of the important position he held within the finance department of Cornwall Young Farmers. Brian also talked about starting up in business and concluded the evening by answering a range of questions from the Young Farmers.

The evening was extremely interesting and beneficial to members both within and outside of the farming industry. 

Sunday 8 July 2012

Beach Evening

This week members travelled to Polzeath to meet Wadebridge YFC for a fun filled evening at the beach. A few young farmers braved the sea and the evening concluded with a competitive game of rounders!

Monday 25 June 2012

Do not miss...

...Launceston YFC's Summer Do THIS SATURDAY!

For any more information ring 07912 855777

Trethorne Evening

The British weather caused plans to change last Thursday, resulting in Launceston YFC and Callington YFC having a joint evening at Trethorne Leisure Farm. 

Both clubs enjoyed indoor games and everyone finished on the popular dodgems track! A good time was enjoyed by all. 

Monday 18 June 2012

Visit to Looe Lifeboat Station

Last Thursday, Launceston Young Farmers had an extremely interesting visit to Looe Lifeboat Station. Three volunteers from the RNLI gave the club a tour of the new boathouse (situated on the east side of the river) and showed members a video to highlight some of the important aspects of history within the RNLI. The video also allowed the club to gain a clear understanding of the courageous work that the search and rescue men and women do.

Members were given the opportunity to climb into the lifeboats and explore the extensive technology that is used as an integral part of their work, saving the lives of people at sea.

The evening allowed the club to see the vital importance of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, with the bravery and expertise of the workers resulting in a large number of lives being saved every year.

Royal Cornwall Show

The talent of Young Farmers from across Cornwall shone through at the Royal Cornwall Show this year. The theme of the club cubicles this year was ‘Queen Elizabeth II- 60 ‘Diamond’ Years’ and the standard demonstrated by every club was extremely high. Three of Launceston’s individual handicraft items, a handmade quilt (Jess Brookham), portraits of the 12 prime ministers in the Queen’s reign (Oliver Stephens) and a Horse and Carriage model (Jess and Emily Brookham) achieved full marks.

The show also included other handicraft competitions; floral arrangements, Jubilee bunting and a salt dough model (to mention a few!). Launceston produced some excellent quality items and won this section overall.

On Saturday some members from Launceston took part in the Stock Judging competition, with Claire Butter winning the Lamb class and achieving second place in the Dairy. Tamsyn Bartlett and Dan Batten achieved equal second place and Tom Merritt came fifth in the Lamb Judging. Tom Merritt came third and Tamsyn forth in the Senior Dairy section. Becky Vine came first in the Junior Beef class and third in the Junior Dairy. Well done to Claire, Becky, Tom, Dan and Tamsyn for their performances in this competitive competition.

Saturday afternoon saw clubs re-enact performances from the Royal Variety Show. Dan Batten, Oliver Stephens and Tom Merritt’s singing and dancing abilities could have been from the original Billy Elliot and their show stopping talent won them first place!

A lot of hard work went into the competitions at the Royal Cornwall Show. Launceston Young Farmers gained first place overall- an excellent achievement of which they are extremely proud. Well done to everyone for their contributions.

Friday 1 June 2012

Royal Cornwall Show Preparation

Yesterday the club spent the evening completing the final touches for this year’s Royal Cornwall Show Cubicle, which is themed ‘The Queen’s Diamond 60 years’. The work of Cornwall Young Farmers members will be on display in the Young Farmers tent at the show, so please come along and have a look!

Cornwall YFC Competitions Day

The sun shone for Cornwall Young Farmers on Saturday 26th May at Penvercoe Farm, Bodmin, as the summer season of competitions began. Members of Launceston Young Farmers performed extremely well, resulting in them achieving second place overall. The cookery team of Charlotte, Jess and Aaron produced a delicious four course meal to take third place. A cubicle exhibit, with an Olympic theme, involved items of cookery, a collage and decorated cake, gained first place in a very high standard of competition.

Becky Vine performed extremely well to the win the Junior Stockjudging competition; she will now go onto the Southern competition round at the end of June to represent Cornwall. Claire Butter, Tamsyn Bartlett and Tom Merritt took part in the Senior Stockjudging and Carcase Judging competitions, with Claire gaining first place in both the lamb and beef carcase judging.

The evening finished with Tug Of War where Launceston’s team came third- a brilliant achievement as this is the first time the team have pulled in a competition.

Well done to everyone who participated throughout the day!

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Car Treasure Hunt

This week, cars full of Launceston YFC members left the Pig Market Car Park for a competitive car treasure hunt. They spent the evening travelling around the countryside, following clever cryptic clues and collecting abstract items!

Along the journey items which had to be collected included a post card, a take away menu and a Rhododendron flower! The treasure hunt lasted until dusk and finished at Coads Green Village where a well earned barbeque was enjoyed.

Well done to the winning team ‘Ellis and Some Other People!’ and many thanks to Mike and Oliver Stephens for organising such an entertaining and action packed car treasure hunt!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Boys Entertain Girls

This week it was the boys turn to entertain the girls with an evening of Cornish Wrestling. Members were given an informative talk whereby Champion Cornish Wrestler Gerry Cawley gave an overview of the rules and objective of the game. He explained that the wrestlers wear tough jackets to enable them to gain a better grip on their opponent, and that all holds must be taken upon the other wrestlers jacket. Grabbing of the wrists or fingers as well as any holding below the waist is forbidden!

Following this talk, the experts gave a demonstration and the club members were able to participate in some Cornish Wrestling movements. The fun and interactive evening definitely entertained everyone. Many thanks to Gerry and his helpers. 

Monday 14 May 2012

Stock Judging

Members were given a good insight into Stock Judging at Thursday’s club meeting. Experts from the Dairy, Beef and Sheep industries taught members how to judge stock in preparation the busy competition season this summer. Roger Goodman (dairy), Tim Bastard (beef) and Stuart Cornelious (sheep)  taught members of Launceston YFC what to look out for in a good ‘stamp’ of animal, and how to give reasons for their opinions to a judge. They explained that the key to good stock judging is being able to explain your choices simply and clearly, using the correct vocabulary.

The evening was educational and encouraged all members to try their hand at stock judging. Forthcoming competitions are included at Competitions Day (26th May) and Royal Cornwall Show (7th/8th/9th June). Who knows… it could be you representing Cornwall at the National Stock Judging Final this year!

Many thanks to Roger, Tim and Stuart for sharing their knowledge with the club.  

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Girls Entertain Boys…

... and boy were they entertained! Launceston YFC revisited their childhood days when the girls took the boys for an evening at Trethorne Leisure Farm.

Everyone enjoyed their fun filled evening and to round up the day club president, Janet Ham, gave the club a lesson on the skills of ‘hair dressing’. Initially demonstrating her talents on the girls, the boys were then given the opportunity to have a go!

Many thanks to Jess Brookham for organising the evening. 

Jump Rope Final

A talented team of skippers from Launceston Young Farmers represented the South West region at the Nationl YFC AGM last weekend. Dan Batten, Tom Merrit, Becky and Katie Vine travelled to Torquay to compete in a Jump Rope Competition which involved performing a variety of movements and tricks with a skipping rope.

The team’s highly polished routine and energetic performance resulted in an excellent achievement of 3rd place. Well done for attaining this brilliant result! 

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Teagle Machinery Ltd

An interesting and action packed evening was in store for Lanson YFC last Thursday as the club visited Teagle Agricultural Machinery at Blackwater, Truro. A dedicated team of staff gave members an in depth insight into the production line within the business. The club was shown the initial design and development process using Computer Aided Design software and then the practise of making machinery products in the factory. Members could see how a plain sheet of metal undergoes cutting and bending techniques to create components of the final product.

The tour continued with welding and painting departments, and finally viewing the finished items which are sold all over the world, as well as within the UK.

The family run business has grown from strength to strength in the last 60 years and there are now over 130 employees. It was visible to see a great emphasis upon product quality, value for money and customer care that Teagle Machinery Ltd provides. The club would like to thank the staff for such a well organised and inspirational evening. 

Monday 23 April 2012

Farm Walk

Last Thursday a large crowd of members from Launceston YFC visited an innovative dairy farm at Lanivet to see a Lely Robotic Milking System.  Dairy farmer Mr Harvey gave the club an in depth talk about the two Astronaut A3 units which he uses, demonstrating to the club the meticulous attention that is given to maximise the yield of his high quality herd.  

The extensive electronic system which is used produces information on every cow. Since installing the system five years ago, Mr Harvey is able to identify the needs of individual cows, such as specific dietary requirements, as well as looking at the whole herd. He has discovered that the least popular time for his cows to be milked is at 4am!

The evening provided a great insight into a robotic style milking system. We would like to thank Mr Harvey for kindly inviting us to visit his farm. 

Sunday 15 April 2012

Visit to Lawrence House Museum

An interesting visit to our local town museum was enjoyed by members of Launceston Young Farmers last Thursday. The beautiful Georgian building is home to numerous exhibits which explore some of the extensive history that Launceston holds. 

Wednesday 11 April 2012

East Vs West Cornwall Rugby Match

Last Thursday a bus full of Young Farmers from Callington and Launceston travelled to Cambourne rugby club for an East Vs West Cornwall YFC rugby match. In a closely fought match the west of the county gained victory with the final score 13-7. Well done to all those who took part and to Launceston members Dan Batten, Oli Stephens, Nick Brookham, Dan Jasper and Simon Burdon for their excellent play. 

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Visit to Bodmin Jail

Luckily no one was left behind after Launceston YFC’s trip to Bodmin last Thursday evening! The club was given a very interesting tour of the jail and an in depth talk about the history contained within the walls. Built in 1779, the jail has served many purposes over the years.

The buildings formed a working prison until 1922, after which it was closed and there was no longer a prison in Cornwall. During the First World War, the prison was believed to hold some of Britain’s most precious items including the Crown Jewels and the Doomsday Book. It has also been used, in the past, as a maternity unit and a transport depot. Bodmin Jail is now a very popular tourist attraction and enthusiastic staff at the jail are continuing to explore the ruins in order to expand their understanding of the history of the premises. 

Monday 26 March 2012

Launceston Fire Station

Launceston YFC visited the local fire station for an interesting club meeting last week. The community fire station covers a vast area of Cornwall and also some parts of West Devon. Launceston’s dedicated ‘On-Call Fire-fighters’ gave members a tour of the station and showed the vehicles on site, which consist of two Fire and Rescue Pumps and a new Command and Support vehicle. It was fascinating to cross examine these multi-purpose vehicles, which included a unique heavy duty off road Mercedes Unimog 4x4; developed following recent major weather related incidents in the county.

The extensively trained rescuers talked about the variety of scenarios which Fire and Rescue workers face on a daily basis; the bravery they demonstrate through their work protecting and helping members of the public is incredible. We would like to thank the team at Launceston Fire Station for the educational evening.  


Monday 19 March 2012

Caberet Revisited

Members were entertained last Thursday evening when they watched performances by Young Farmers throughout Cornwall. The Countryman Inn was the venue for the club meeting where three Caberet Performances were watched. The evening was inspirational for new members and brought back happy memories for those who have participated in the county team over the past few years. Cornwall YFC have consistently demonstrated their talent in the Caberet Competition, where they have reached the National Final for all 3 of these performances (and many more!). 

South West Area

Young Farmers from across the South West flocked to Weston-Super- Mare on the weekend of 9th-11th March for the South West Area Activities Weekend. Members of Launceston YFC competed in a variety of competitions over the weekend. Claire Butter was part of Cornwall’s Debating Team which achieved second place, in a very high standard of competition, and will now go through to the next round. Our Street Dancing Team of Tom, Sam, Charlotte, Sophie, Katie and Becky performed their dance extremely well which resulted in them taking 3rd place. The Jump Rope Team of Tom, Dan, Katie and Becky energetically skipped their way through to the next round of the competition as they came 2nd. Very well done to everyone who represented Cornwall YFC at Weston.

Monday 12 March 2012


Last Thursday’s club meeting saw members compete against each other for the Rosebowl Trophy in an annual speaking event. Led by our president Janet Ham and assisted by club leader Ali Jones, a game of Call My Bluff saw a very high standard of competition. The evening was rounded off with an intense one minute competition to list ten things directly related to a specific subject. Sadie Cornelious took home the Rosebowl Trophy- very well done to her! We would like to thank Janet and Ali for organising such an entertaining evening. 

Thursday 8 March 2012

Entertainment Evening

Last weekend Launceston Young Farmers presented an evening of entertainment at Launceston Town Hall. The audience were treated to performances from talented members, both past and present; with acts including our famous ‘Sea Shandy’ singing group, intriguing ‘Magic’ by Richard Gribble, highly polished piano playing by William Uglow and Natalie Stevens’s beautiful solo singing. Six members also energetically performed ‘Street Dancing’. Their excellent routine and sleek choreography won the Cornwall YFC competition and they will be representing the county at the South West Area Competition this weekend- we wish them the very best of luck! The final performance of the pantomime Cinderella followed these acts, and was once again extremely well received. Many thanks must be given to Mr Mike Stevens for hosting the evening. 

Friday 24 February 2012

Many Hands Make Light Work...

...And that was definitely the case at this Thursday's meeting, as the club were bagging dung for this years annual dung run! Members worked hard for the evening, packing over 1000 bags for the run which takes place this Sunday.

It is not too late to place your order for dung run bags! Please ring 07773898609.

Many thanks to the Batten family for donating the dung and also their kind hospitality.

Monday 20 February 2012

Plymouth Dry Ski Slopes

 Lanson YFC experienced an adrenaline filled evening last Thursday when they travelled to Plymouth Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre. The action packed evening saw members enjoying both ‘Sno-Tubing’ and ‘Tobogganing’. There were many interesting techniques demonstrated in order to reach the end of the runs first!

Friday 17 February 2012

Launceston YFC present Cinderella and other club entertainment

For one night only Launceston YFC perform their 2012 pantomime Cinderella, as well as their a capella singing group (as seen with Fisherman's Friends), street dancing and other musical talent. Proceeds will be split between club funds (to cover the cost of putting the pantomime together) and Cornwall Air Ambulance. We hope to see you there!

Cinderella and other entertainment
Launceston Town Hall
Saturday 3rd March
£5 adults, Under 10s free

Monday 13 February 2012

Talk by First Aid Workers

On Thursday 9th February members were given an interesting talk about first aid, which included staying safe on the farm. Sam and Stella, from First Aid For Life, talked to members about scenarios where accidents could occur and situations where treatment was necessary. They showed members how they should deal with these situations including demonstrating the recovery position and CPR, as well as describing the use of a defibrillator- which is a device used to deliver a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to a heart which is not functioning correctly.

The evening was very interesting and educational, many thanks to Sam and Stella.  

Monday 6 February 2012


Members enjoyed an evening at Trethorne for this week’s club meeting. Everyone put their energy into producing strikes and spares to try to top the score board. A special mention must be given to George Merritt for his ‘creative’ techniques!

Jeremy Blake gained the top spot for the boys and Hannah Coles for the girls; well done for producing very impressive scores!

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Annual Dung Run

Bags can now be ordered for this year’s annual dung run which is taking place on Sunday 26th February.

No order too big or small!

Please ring 07773 898609 to place your order.

County Pantomime Final

The final of Cornwall YFC’s Pantomime Competition is this Sunday at the Hall for Cornwall, Truro. Teams will be competing from Callington, St Mabyn, Wadebridge and Camelford, and  Praze, Falmouth, TMS and St Columb- we wish them all the very best of luck!

Tickets for the final are on sale now for £8 each. They can be purchased in advanced directly from the Cornwall YFC office, or maybe bought on the door SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.

Interclub Challenge

Last week has saw the club attend two interclub challenges. The first was on Wednesday 25th January when Stratton YFC hosted their challenge at the Bullers Arms, Marhamchurch; teams were present from Bradworthy, Camelford, Launceston and Stratton. The evening saw challenges including pool, darts and Wii Cow Racing! Following this, team games were played. Everyone had a very enjoyable evening, many thanks to Stratton YFC.

On Thursday, it was Launceston YFC who welcomed teams from Camelford, Wadebridge, Stratton, Callington and Liskeard to Trethorne Leisure Farm. Members took part in bowling, Jenga and Twister amongst many other games. The action packed evening was won overall by Callington YFC- very well done to them and many thanks to all who helped to organise the evening, especially Lanson’s Advisory Committee.

Friday 20 January 2012

Circus Skills

Lanson YFC welcomed Richard Gribble to lead this week’s club meeting. He briefly spoke about how he became interested in ‘Circus Skills’ before demonstrating how to use an eclectic range of circus equipment. His enthusiasm quickly inspired members to practise their skills which included spinning plates, juggling balls, walking on stilts and performing tricks with diablos.

The evening brought back happy memories to the club, as four years ago a cabaret performance ‘Out of The Box’ (which involved many of these skills) won the National YFC entertainment final.

Many thanks to Richard for a very enjoyable evening.

Monday 16 January 2012

Pantomime Round - Liskeard Town Hall

On Sunday 15th January Launceston YFC performed to a full house of YFC supporters in their first round of the pantomime competition with ‘‘Cinderella (Or an Agricultural Fantasy)’’. Everyone performed to their best ability with cast members pleased with their pantomime.

Liskeard YFC and Callington YFC also performed to a good level so this is definitely a high standard of competition. All three clubs are awaiting the results, with scores being revealed after the West Pantomime Round which takes place at St John’s Hall, Penzance on Sunday 29th January.

Very well done to everyone involved!