Wednesday 28 October 2009

new photos

I've just found some old photos from 2003-04 and put them up on the website here for anyone who's interested. If anyone has any older ones, please pass them onto me to scan in then pass back to you please.

Remember tommorow's meeting is sign language course, eagle house, 7.30

Friday 23 October 2009

jive dancing

i must admit i was sceptical. how could dancing to 1940's music possibly be fun? well bude jive dance club (who ever thought bude would have such a thing?!) showed us some moves and by the end of the evening everyone was an expert with a big smile on their face... well the smile was true anyway. think everyone enjoyed it a lot on the quiet.

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Okehampton Carnival- A Donkey's Eye View

I left my camera in Mel's capable hands, only she didn't realise she's accidentally switched it to video mode... Thankfully the videos came out better than the pictures so with a bit of luck there should be a few (very) short videos here.
I'm not sure what sort of quality they are going to be like either?!

Monday 19 October 2009

Okehampton Carnival

Despite a hectic schedule to complete the carnival float in time, we did it! Thanks to everyone who helped make it look so brilliant - see the photos below.
So Saturday night we trotted up to Okehampton for the first carnival this year, and got third prize. Turns out we would have done better in the 'original' category with other YFC's but the organiser wouldn't give me any advice about which one to enter (the two that beat us were private entries and very very good). Thanks to parents and supporters who came up to see us.

Anyways, I think there was 19 of us on the float and everyone had great fun. Look after your costumes, next carnival is Camelford on 31st Oct.

Thursday 15 October 2009

club meeting - sign language course

this evening, liz northcott gave us some background on the deaf community and the various methods they communicate, followed by teaching us the alphabet and some useful words, which i was completely useless at remembering. course continues in two weeks...

announcements - more carnival prep tomor, 7pm. sat - meet at lower pig market in town at 4.45pm, so we can be prepared for the 6pm carnival float judging at okehampton.


Just got back from Nathan's - Carnival is going well, one more sesh required friday night so please turn up, shouldn't be too late!

County AGM

A few of us went down to the county agm last night. Jonny, dan and pip all gave excellent speeches, in fact Pip won two cups - one for recent speaking acheievements, the other for best speech of the evening! On a roll that girl.

 Jonathan Coode retired as president after 9 years, The Hon. Evelyn Boscawen became president, and Martin Howlett, Roger May and Jim Large were voted in as Vice Presidents. Jen White as you may know is already Cornwall County Chairman, with Claire Worden as GP chairman. Nicola Chegwidden gave a good final speech and got thanked and praised by many throughout the evening.

Monday 12 October 2009

Carnival progress

Getting on fairly well with the float, lots to do yet tho! Come and help weds if you can

The Beginning

Alright guys, thought I'd start a little LYFC website where I can put comments, photos, diary dates etc. Add it to your favourites and remember to pop back and have another look every so often