Thursday 21 January 2010


I can now confirm Parents Evening will be next Thursday; the 28th of January, being held at Rilla Mill Village Hall at 7.30pm - click here for map of location. It's half way down the hill on the right from Coads Green direction.

We've had a bit of a job getting a venue, and unfortunately it can only take 120 people seated, but it should be fine as we normally expect that sort of number for drama. As usual we'll have our first performance of our drama production 'Half an Idea, then a run through of the past year as well.

See you all there!

Sunday 17 January 2010

tommorow night

For anyone planning to come to hear my travel talk tommorow at Eagle House, I've been asked to tell you to arrive around 8.00pm now, not 9.00. Thanks

its all a big pantomime

Last thursday we popped down to Plymouth to see the Aladin pantomime at the Theatre Royal. Having never been to anything but a local panto I was most impressed, especially with the 3D stuff they had on stage. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and Ali Jones was pleased (I think) to have Christopher Biggins give her a big 'Happy Birthday Ali' over the PA!

PARENTS EVENING is a week thursday (28th Jan), comprising the run through of the year, and the first performance of our drama production which is the comedy 'Half An Idea' by Bob Larbey. Due to a few hitches we have yet to confirm a venue, but it looks like it may be Callington Town Hall, starting at 7.30 - check back again in a few days.

Finally, as you may be aware I spent most of last year down under, and so Launceston Farmers Club have asked me to give a talk on my travels. I'm sure they won't mind club members turning up so please come along. Their AGM is at 7.30pm and I'm talking afterwards from about 9pm, at Eagle House tommorow night (monday)

Friday 8 January 2010


So for the first time in years we've cancelled a meeting completely. The roads were getting better, but weren't brilliant, and when the guy from the Cornish & Devon Post cancelled I didn't think there was any point putting on a replacement meeting.

Next MONDAY & WEDNESDAY drama practices will be in full flow, and with just 3 weeks 'til parents night everyone needs to turn up to every practice. Set is partly done, and we'll crack on again as soon as the roads improve so helpers please!

Nothing on YFC wise this weekend, so have a goodun whatever you do.

Thursday 7 January 2010

No meeting tonight...

No meeting tonight...

Thought I'd better get on here ASAP. There is no meeting tonight, 7th January due to the weather. Hope to see you all at panto next week.

Saturday 2 January 2010

happy new year!

We held our annual New Year's Eve disco at Trethorne on Thursday, with about 330 people there, which is reasonable, but considerably less than normal for some reason. Along with only half of our club members attending, only a couple from other clubs, just a handful of people in fancy dress, plus a couple of fights by the lovely local townspeople, I'd be lying if I said I thought it was a great success.

Regardless of this, we had a great laugh, and the bouncers and BK disco's did a great job as ever. Thanks to Sarah for her organising, plus Sam, Jess and Leanne for their hard work on the door.

Wishing everyone a happy and successful new year!