Sunday 9 September 2012

Presidents Night

No one knew how they were going to be spending their evening when they turned up at Treyboy Farm last Thursday for ‘Presidents Night,’ they were only told to dress according to the weather! After many guesses were made, Janet Ham announced the club would be Land Rover Trialing!

The club was split into two groups, with one half beginning with a tricky off road course, while the others started with trials to test control and precision. The off road course travelled across challenging terrain, through water and over banks, with the main aim of not hitting any wooden poles on route! In the other field, member were timed and scored on their accuracy of placing cups on the top of bamboo canes, after each pair swapped drivers, they then drove over a steep bank with the passenger carrying a bucket of water!

The adrenaline filled evening became very competitive and lots of fun was had by all. We would like to thank Janet and Lawson Ham, as well many friends and family, for their hard work which resulted in such a brilliant club evening- it was most definitely enjoyed by everyone!

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