Monday 31 January 2011

Cabaret County Final @ Truro

Feeling nervous was an understatement for many members on Sunday 30th January, as it was time to perform the winning cabaret acts at the county final, which was held at the Hall for Cornwall, in Truro. Not only was it the final, but the all important decision was to be made...which teams would make it through to Mike Meers' county team?
    Following a long wait, it was revealed that not only had Launceston's skipping act, entitled 'Rope Burn' been placed second overall, but BOTH of our acts (singing and skipping) had gained a place in the county team. HUGE congratulations to both members and their trainers for doing so incredibly well. They should be extremely proud.
Launceston YFC Band - "Sea Shandy"

                                                Launceston YFC Skippers - "Rope Burn"

The next cabaret round, which is the South West area round, will be held on Sunday 13th March at the Hall for Cornwall. We look forward to seeing as much support as possible again.

Friday 21 January 2011

County Roadshow

Claire Worden, a member of the county team, entertained members last night with a range of team building games, plus reinforcing what young farmers is all about and reminding us of the YFC network, both within our county and nationally.

Cabaret Round at Liskeard

Launceston YFC entered two teams in the annual entertainments round. With this year being cabaret, a strong singing group impressed the crowd and judges with their talent, which was followed by an amazing skipping routine, which included the use of UV lighting. Both teams should be very proud of themselves and remain hopeful that they will be in the final, as well as the county team. Results will be given this Sunday (23rd January) at St Ives Guildhall, 2pm, when the west teams will present their acts. Fingers crossed...!

Saturday 15 January 2011

"It's behind you!"

Oh yes, it was panto time again, and this year it was off to see the 'fabulous' (!) Sleeping Beauty at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Right from the start, the audience were hooked and in histerics, and nobody could believe the phenomenal amount of costumes that lady Passionella had to wear. The 3D effects equally bought a new dimension to the show and Muddles, played by Joe Pasquale, glued it all together. His squeaky voice, wild hair and sense of comedy, kept the audience laughing all the way through the show! All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Tuesday 11 January 2011

Parent's Night

The first viewing of our cabaret acts was to friends, family and fellow members on Thursday. Being the first time that members had performed on stage, they did exceedingly well and the constructive feedback that followed helped us to move further forward. Please support us at the county round on Sunday 16th January at Liskeard Town Hall, 2pm start (NB there is also a round at Liskeard on the Saturday).