Monday 10 June 2013

The beginning of Summer


As we found the station shut

The weekly visit was put on hold,

Instead let’s go chip and putt

‘Ambulances all out’ we were told.


For two pound a hundred balls

We’ll need plenty of those,

‘Look out’ someone calls

Lucky it was only her toes.


Stanners brought along his bats,

Amongst all other gear

We all thought he looked a t**t

Bless him, no idea.


An auctioneer’s speech drew crowds

On the eleventh of the fourth,

He spoke well and laughed aloud

David Kivell paced back and forth.


As topics moved to sadder days

Recollections of foot and mouth,

Not again, a distant haze

Never, north or south.


Question time from Batten Fliss

When, why, What if?

‘I suppose it’s a bit like this’,

Mr Kivell combed his quiff.



Laser shooting to amuse the boys,

Not knowing until St Teath.

Facepaint, boots, Guns and toys,

Camouflaged overalls, and the rest


Duchy College, as the cool mist looms

Two mini busses roll to West Combeshead,

‘Come on, gather round’ Paul Ward booms

‘Yes Arron’ that’s what I said.


Here’s the parlour, cubicles and cows

And that’s the clusters Jeremy,

‘So, whats your breeding policy now

And average number of parity’?

Many thanks for pasty and squash

Now let’s retire to the Swingletree,

Last few spaces in the car park, bosh

Pork scratching’s, lemonade and ice for three.




A big beginning to May as stock judging preceded the AGM, appreciations must be delivered to Messer Smale, Gubbin and Uglow for capturing the various animals, explaining what to look out for and what to say when being judged. We are also indebted to Ringo star and co. for welcoming us into their establishment to conclude the evening of stock judging.

This year’s AGM was in Blackpool, county chairman Ed and team rowed along the Thames in boats of two by two, raising money with every paddle. They were joined by the ballroom dancing team who did extremely well, see video from earlier post.

The second visit of the month was to Cornwall Air Ambulance, this time the ambulance hadn’t left the building, which was fortunate because Daniel Batten had a cheque to present on behalf of the club for funds raised in the previous year whilst he was chairman.

Girls entertain boys, climbing in Exeter. Chris was first through the door, as we all know now this man has no fear of heights; a man possessed, leaping from the balconies like a ring-tailed lemur in the treetops looking for the fruit of forgiveness as once again the climbing instructor bellows up at him from the woodland floor bringing him back down to earth.