Tuesday 3 April 2012

Visit to Bodmin Jail

Luckily no one was left behind after Launceston YFC’s trip to Bodmin last Thursday evening! The club was given a very interesting tour of the jail and an in depth talk about the history contained within the walls. Built in 1779, the jail has served many purposes over the years.

The buildings formed a working prison until 1922, after which it was closed and there was no longer a prison in Cornwall. During the First World War, the prison was believed to hold some of Britain’s most precious items including the Crown Jewels and the Doomsday Book. It has also been used, in the past, as a maternity unit and a transport depot. Bodmin Jail is now a very popular tourist attraction and enthusiastic staff at the jail are continuing to explore the ruins in order to expand their understanding of the history of the premises. 

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