Sunday 16 September 2012

Medical Detection Dog

Last Thursday, Launceston YFC were given a talk by Tim Sutton-Woodhouse regarding medical detection dogs. He spoke of the remarkable sense of smell that dogs have, which enables them to identify changes to the medical conditions of humans. Medical detection dogs have been trained to work with people who suffer from conditions such as narcolepsy, pain seizures and diabetes; the dogs have been an extremely important lifeline to so many. The dogs recognise body changes and make humans aware of the change before their conditions worsen.

New research has led to the training of cancer detection dogs. The dogs are able to detect the small amounts of volatile substances that are released by cancer cells and it is hoped that in the future these dogs will be able to develop an early cancer screening service.

The talk was very interesting and eye opening for everyone. We would like to thank Tim for giving up his time to talk to the club.  

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