Tuesday 29 December 2009

A video of the Christmas Party

More may appear with time...

christmas party

I hope everyone had a marvelous christmas.

Last night was our club Christmas party held at the Wilsey Down Hotel. Maff, Grace and Julian organised the games including passing carrots and turnips between legs, males & females swapping clothes inside a 1/2 ton feed bag, and some others. Everyone had a lot of fun! Afterwards we tucked into a buffet which members brought along, then did a spot of Kareoke in the main bar, along with having a few drinks. Many thanks to BK Discos for putting on the entertainment for free as we've used them so much this past year! Click the link at the top of the page for full size pictures.

See you all at Trethorne on NYE!

Tuesday 22 December 2009

another fine tinsel ball!

A load of pick ups, a couple of drink stops on the way down, and we were in newquay for the second time in a week. A few of us did the fancy dress thing, dressed as the nativity scene - Jonny Shute was particularly good, as the photos will show when you see them. As ever it was an excellent night, although the icey roads meant a very sloooooowwww journey home.

I said the bus was leaving there at 2am though, and a few didn't listen - please do next time cause you might be getting a very expensive taxi home!

Sunday 20 December 2009

christmas shopping / debating / carol singing / country carol

Christmas shopping was the same as ever, a quick blast around the streets of plymouth for a couple of hours, then meet at the sundial at 9 to compare notes, get kfc then go pub. Well done to Karyn Kenyon for helping jonny with his purchases!

The same night, our crack team of debaters, comprising Ed Humber, Claire Butter, Jo maynard, Dan Batten and Lynette Smale went down to Ladock village hall for the county debating final, and came home with a very respectable joint 3rd. Excellent work guys!

Last thursday was our annual club carol singing session, which involved a wee trip around the area, from Grace and Alan Parker's, to Tim and Kathryn Bastard's, to Andrew & Nicola Hoskig's ending at Pete & Liz Stenlake's, where we tucked into the spread of food everyone had brought along.

Friday night was the annual country carol service in Truro, and after party in Newquay. The cathedral was packed as ever, and the new venue of Pure nightclub turned out good, even if the fun police were out with their rulebook for the under-18's. Hope you all enjoyed it, see you all monday for the next installment of christmas fun ( get your festive fancy dress out as well)!

Wednesday 9 December 2009

drama practice

Drama practice is now in full flow, just thought id send a picture through from my phone. Remember, meeting tomor 6pm at kennards house for a bit of yfc christmas shopping!

Friday 4 December 2009

christmas craft

Christmas mosaics was the theme of the evening... Mouse and Zara were the hosts this evening as we made Christmas tree decorations, in the form of colour glass mosaics. Pick a shape, cover it in glue, and apply smashed-up coloured glass to it, then finally grout it. I was most impressed by the creativity of LYFC members, some great looking decs made.

Next thursday you have two choices - go to Plymouth for the official meeting - Christmas Shopping. Alternately, come to Laddock nr Truro to support our debating team in the county final. The choice is yours...!

indoor sports

The indoor sports final was held at ludgvan - right down near penzance - so a bit of a trek! although it's great we got to the final we didn't do so well on the night - 7th out of 8! Thanks to everyone who came on down and hope you enjoyed the do afterwards at the Corn Exchange in Cambourne.

Tuesday 24 November 2009

officers training weekend

Gerald asked me if I thought it was worth county putting on the officers training weekend... my answer - definately yes.

So 9.30 on saturday morning Sam, Pippa, Tam and myself arrived at Portpean outdoor adventure centre nr St Austell. A morning of training to make sure you know what your role is all about, an afternoon of outdoor activities around the centre, followed by a night of games made it an excellent weekend.

Unfortunately I now have the flu; not so excellent.

Friday 20 November 2009

new members evening

What a turnout - over 50 people showed up (including existing members of course). Jer Shute & Rich Risdon provided us with a load of fun games, including sorting yourselves into animals, a beetle drive, and a trip to the zoo for little ernie. Bit of an animal theme it seems.

Thanks to all you new guys that turned up, hope you enjoyed it and hopefully see you next week!

Monday 16 November 2009

Hatherleigh Carnival

Here's a link to the photo the pro photographer took on Saturday:
Go to the gallery and it's on page 4.

Sunday 15 November 2009

wine & wisdom & hatherleigh carnival

Thanks to everyone for coming to the Wine & Wisdom evening. Due to the stormy weather causing a near cancellation, then people delayed in turning up, as well as a PA system that didn't want to work we had a bit of a late start, but the evening went well in the end. Thanks to all members who helped out, including Oli, Tam, Mel, Ed and Claire who came to help me clear up yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a few concerned calls about whether we were going to go to Hatherleigh Carnival or not cause of the weather. Thankfully it cleared up - no wind or rain all evening and we managed to get second place. Cudos to Stratton YFC who created their carnival float from scratch yesterday and entered it in the evening - not up to Lanson YFC standards of course, but well done anyway!

Friday 13 November 2009

indoor sports success!

I'm a little shocked, and very proud - we got through to the indoor sports final last night, after coming 3rd in our round at Bodmin College. Shocked - cause we never seem to do well in this comp, and also as we went to fireworks last week instead of having a practice! Well done everyone. The final is Fri 27th - details on calendar above.

Wine and Wisdom tonight, Coads Green starting 7.30pm. Help from members from 6.30 please!

Carnival tommorow - meeting 4.45pm prompt at pig market, or 5.30 at Hatherleigh. Hopefully the weather won't cause the event to be cancelled or anything, fingers crossed!

Wednesday 11 November 2009

committee meeting

I chaired my first committee meeting last night, which proved to be quite a long affair as lots has happened, and there's lots about to happen... Most of which was just the general goings on, preparing for social events etc.

One point decided that I should announce, is that it was decided that we will no longer advertise every week in the paper about what the next meeting is. This will come into effect after next weeks new members evening. Instead, a text message from myself to members each week puts the information in your pocket, and will save us a considerable amount of money each year which we feel can be better spent on other things.

Our monthly column in the Farming Section of the Cornish & Devon, plus the information on this website are our ways of keeping in touch with family, friends and anyone interested in the club. New members are generally recruited through the new members evening, or are are friends of friends. For those who aren't, the newspaper and website will be our ways of attracting them in. Please note that few, if any other YFC clubs advertise in their local paper each week and are sucessful. Any questions or issues, please get in contact with me.

Friday 6 November 2009

fireworks night

Best fireworks ever! The original plan of Padstow fireworks got cancelled, then Launceston the same, so I decided upon Bodmin cause I'd heard they were good. Whoever told me that wasn't wrong - they were the best fireworks I've ever seen - and I was in Sydney for New Years Eve last year! And despite all the rain, it was barely muddy in Priory Park.

After having a pint in Bodmin afterwards, we decided that this sat night we should have a proper YFC night out in Bodmin followed by Eclipse, so come on down to Bodmin town everybody.

Monday 2 November 2009

meeting, carnival & halloween

Last thursday's meeting was the second part of the sign language course. The teaching was a little quick for some, but most people enjoyed it and we had a bumper turnout of 32 people!

Camelford carnival on saturday went well, and we came away with second place (we should have won really we all reckoned!). It's a bit of an odd carnival, just going up and down one street, but was still a good laugh. Hatherleigh Carnival is a week on saturday. Pictures are here

Halloween disco later that evening was a great event, and I'm really impressed with BK discos who kept the party going. If anyone knows who started that brief fight, please quietly tell them they're not welcome at any of our do's again - behaviour like that gives us a bad name and ruins people's evenings, even though it's generally nothing to do with the Young Farmers. It was good to see Frayner out as well, after a period of hibernation! Pictures are here

Club meeting this thurs is Fireworks - a change to original plan to be later and more local; it's now 7.00pm meeting by Launceston Leisure Centre itself (£5 to get into event but should be good!).

Camelford Carnival - A Donkey's Clearer View!

I was going to add a couple of pictures that came out a bit better than last time but seeing as I got here before Steve I'd better also put for all the adorning fans that having been waiting for results that we came 2nd in our class which means a steady progression and fingers crossed it will will continue onto Hatherleigh!

Wednesday 28 October 2009

new photos

I've just found some old photos from 2003-04 and put them up on the website here for anyone who's interested. If anyone has any older ones, please pass them onto me to scan in then pass back to you please.

Remember tommorow's meeting is sign language course, eagle house, 7.30

Friday 23 October 2009

jive dancing

i must admit i was sceptical. how could dancing to 1940's music possibly be fun? well bude jive dance club (who ever thought bude would have such a thing?!) showed us some moves and by the end of the evening everyone was an expert with a big smile on their face... well the smile was true anyway. think everyone enjoyed it a lot on the quiet.

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Okehampton Carnival- A Donkey's Eye View

I left my camera in Mel's capable hands, only she didn't realise she's accidentally switched it to video mode... Thankfully the videos came out better than the pictures so with a bit of luck there should be a few (very) short videos here.
I'm not sure what sort of quality they are going to be like either?!

Monday 19 October 2009

Okehampton Carnival

Despite a hectic schedule to complete the carnival float in time, we did it! Thanks to everyone who helped make it look so brilliant - see the photos below.
So Saturday night we trotted up to Okehampton for the first carnival this year, and got third prize. Turns out we would have done better in the 'original' category with other YFC's but the organiser wouldn't give me any advice about which one to enter (the two that beat us were private entries and very very good). Thanks to parents and supporters who came up to see us.

Anyways, I think there was 19 of us on the float and everyone had great fun. Look after your costumes, next carnival is Camelford on 31st Oct.

Thursday 15 October 2009

club meeting - sign language course

this evening, liz northcott gave us some background on the deaf community and the various methods they communicate, followed by teaching us the alphabet and some useful words, which i was completely useless at remembering. course continues in two weeks...

announcements - more carnival prep tomor, 7pm. sat - meet at lower pig market in town at 4.45pm, so we can be prepared for the 6pm carnival float judging at okehampton.


Just got back from Nathan's - Carnival is going well, one more sesh required friday night so please turn up, shouldn't be too late!

County AGM

A few of us went down to the county agm last night. Jonny, dan and pip all gave excellent speeches, in fact Pip won two cups - one for recent speaking acheievements, the other for best speech of the evening! On a roll that girl.

 Jonathan Coode retired as president after 9 years, The Hon. Evelyn Boscawen became president, and Martin Howlett, Roger May and Jim Large were voted in as Vice Presidents. Jen White as you may know is already Cornwall County Chairman, with Claire Worden as GP chairman. Nicola Chegwidden gave a good final speech and got thanked and praised by many throughout the evening.

Monday 12 October 2009

Carnival progress

Getting on fairly well with the float, lots to do yet tho! Come and help weds if you can

The Beginning

Alright guys, thought I'd start a little LYFC website where I can put comments, photos, diary dates etc. Add it to your favourites and remember to pop back and have another look every so often