Monday 18 June 2012

Visit to Looe Lifeboat Station

Last Thursday, Launceston Young Farmers had an extremely interesting visit to Looe Lifeboat Station. Three volunteers from the RNLI gave the club a tour of the new boathouse (situated on the east side of the river) and showed members a video to highlight some of the important aspects of history within the RNLI. The video also allowed the club to gain a clear understanding of the courageous work that the search and rescue men and women do.

Members were given the opportunity to climb into the lifeboats and explore the extensive technology that is used as an integral part of their work, saving the lives of people at sea.

The evening allowed the club to see the vital importance of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, with the bravery and expertise of the workers resulting in a large number of lives being saved every year.

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