Sunday 7 July 2013


6th Royal Cornwall Show, the theme for this year’s cubicle was Great British Events, and ours ‘Cheese Rolling’. With the previous few weeks spent preparing the cubicle everything was in place for the first day on Thursday, the judges placed our cubicle in 14th place. St Buryan came first with Glastonbury as their theme.  With other entries including flower arranging and a 007 sign out of recycled materials, plus the stock judging and entertainment in the afternoon overall Launceston gained the most points throughout the show.

13th Car Treasure hunt, several car loads met at The Wilsey Down to be given the clues to find their way round Tresmeer, Egloskerry and Canworthy Water to end up back at The Wilsey. Along the way there was the challenge to find the biggest stone and best bunch of flowers. After Matt and Dan carried in their boulder Nick was laughed out the establishment when he walked in with his pips and bouquet.

20th After a few weeks of not having a business meeting Sadie decided to put her foot down, so tonight we met in The White Hart to run through the events of the last few meetings .

27th Talk by Josh, (an Australian) Josh is from a farming area in South Western Australia known as the wheat belt.  At the moment its winter and the ground is bare, with only 8 inches of rain per year it’s quite something that anything grows at all. In 2010 the wheat yield was just 0.2 tonnes per hectare; this is like a bag of sugar every 50 square metres. Because this part of Australia is so sparsely populated to find any ‘night life’ Josh has to travel a fair way to see people of his own age, sometimes they meet and  go to the beach or have a barbeque and watch the Rugby.  When the rugby is on these Australians like to dress as kangaroos, and swig from cans of Fosters to amuse themselves as the scoreboard tallies against their favour. A common pastime after most games;  and when filled with enough Fosters and barbeque sauce, these people take to placing bets on who can chase the dingo for the longest.  Josh told us of the numerous times that he has narrowly escaped from the teeth of these aggressive blighters, and also showed the bite marks from the times he didn’t.

Best of British Ball

Saturday 3rd August at Brendon Barton Farm
Tickets £22.50 To Book Telephone 07773898609