Thursday 30 April 2015

Tour of Launceston

Tonight we took a tour of our home town Launceston, walking the around what used to be a wall protecting the town many years ago with some bits of the wall remaining but most of it fallen. We were shown pictures of what it used to look like and the background behind it all from the names of the streets to the parishes’ just outside. An interesting evening was had by all and I think we all took something away from this night! Vote of thanks by Heather Stanbury. 

Wednesday 22 April 2015

Talk by a farmer from British Columbia

Tonight we headed across the border to join with Okehampton young farmers for a talk by a farmer that used to farm in England before he moved to British Columbia to farm. He explained to us the different way of life and the different way of farming out there compared to here and he also explain how much cheaper things are out there compared to here. He showed a slideshow of some pictures he put together of his farm out there. Thanks must go to Okehampton young farmers for inviting us to join them in their talk

Thursday 16 April 2015

Talk by Launceston School of Motoring

Tonight we headed into Trethorne for a talk by Launceston School of motoring. There we were told about the old high way code, accidents he has seen and been in and he showed us a video of what happens if you are travelling at speed on a wets day how some drivers are lucky but most aren’t! He also done a quiz on alcohol levels in the blood, with most of us thinking one pint is allowed and that we would be under the limit we actually might not be as alcohol effects everyone in different ways. Vote of thanks done by Hannah Gribble.