Tuesday 28 September 2010

harvest festival

Thanks to all who came to our Harvest Festival at North Hill Church last week, and all those that played a part in the evening. Pip and Fi did a great job decorating the church, and Ed's Cornish quiz went down well.

We're getting towards the end of the YFC year now and AGM is looming... keeping thinking about those new officer roles, whether it's a role for you or someone else who you think should step forwards.

Club Dinner and Dance this saturday - tickets still available from Pip!

Tuesday 21 September 2010

ian tremaine

Some of you may know Ian from his days running Tremaine's feeds, or through Young Farmers. These days he's working on, among other things, working out how the world is going to have enough food when the world population gets both bigger and richer.

Last thursday he came and spoke to us, and the Friends of Lawrence house (joint meeting) on his travels around the world to look at food production in different countries, giving us photos, videos, graphs and stories along the way. I can honestly say the talk was a real journey and left everyone with something to think about; cause one day food will be expensive and less plentiful... Good news for farmers!

Friday 10 September 2010

the castle

Who'd believe the best meeting turnout of the year would be to Launceston Castle?! When you think about it, we're quite fortunate to have a 1000 year old relic right in the centre of town, there's not that many places in the world with that much history so it's not suprising us locals were keen to go back for the first time in years.

Our guides gave us an intro talk, then walked us up to the top so we were right at the top at sunset which was quite special. Even if you hate history, go to the top to see the view of launceston; its quite unique.

Monday 6 September 2010

club exchange - the return

After our trip down Praze way for a club exchange a few weeks ago, we re-paid the favour this weekend. Unfortunately it was an exceptionally sunny few days, meaning a lot of people down west were harvesting and so we were down on numbers.

However, that didn't stop us. Friday night we went to Widemouth Bay for a beach BBQ, including a bit of swim & surf for a few of us, followed by a pint at Widemouth Manor. Saturday PM, the Ham family kindly let us on a farm tour of Higher Basil, St Clether, where Andrew walked us round the buildings, their immaculately organised collection of gear, then took us on a ride round their fields behind the pickup truck.

Saturday night, a group of us had a meal at the White Horse, following which Praze YFC turned up and we started our 3-legged fancy dress pub tour of Launceston... Lots of fun.

lots of wind

Last thursday we visited Cold Northcott Wind Farm for a tour around by Dave and Grant. I was quite surprised to learn that the blades aren't made of some super space age material, but simply a bit of plywood and fibreglass! Grant then took us inside one of the generator housings, albeit on the ground to show us how they work, then let us look insidethe pole supporting a working windmill, which he switched on above our heads whilst stood there. All very exciting. The windfarm generates enough power for about 4,000 homes don't you know! Good visit.