Monday 3 September 2012

Farm Walk

Last Thursday Launceston Young Farmers were treated to a farm walk at Treovis Cross Farm, Middlewood kindly led by owners David Taylor and Carol Horsington. The young farmers were taken on a walk around their farm on the edge of Notter Tor, where they saw prime pedigree Dexter Cattle which included short legged, long legged and short-long legged animals! The club were given a great insight into this small breed of cattle which is renowned for their flavoursome and succulent meat. They may be small, but members learnt a lot about the hardy animals which originated from South West of Ireland.

The higher level stewardship schemes provide a large input into David and Carol’s farming methods. Launceston Young Farmers learnt a lot about the significant environmental benefits which have been achieved at Treovis Cross Farm, this included looking at the hedge laying and fencing methods.

The club looked at willow which is grown at the farm and used by Carol to make magnificent produce such as baskets, hats, hurdles and furniture. David is also beginning to produce his own charcoal using wood from his own woodland area and he seems to have found a real niche in the market. Members learnt a lot about areas of farming which were relatively new to them and the inspiring evening has definitely encouraged members to look at diversifying themselves. We would like to thank David and Carol for the evening.

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