Monday 29 October 2012

18/10/2012 Taekwondo

This week we thought we'd have a bash at a martial art.
Guy and Lisa Southard are both black belts and very kindly spent an evening at Budehaven sports hall to show us some moves.
Allthough we only had a couple hours with the quick footed fast fisted couple we were given a small insight in to this aincent Korean combat technique.
Firstly after a good allround warmup members paired up and had go at defending their partners attempts at making contact with the shoulders and knees of their opponent. this quickly moved on to practicing a few baisic kicks and punches, with the aim still remaining on defence rather than just attacking the opponent. An excellent meeting providing much amusement, Thank you to Guy and Lisa Southard.

Friday 19 October 2012

11/10/2012 Cornish Orchards

This weeks meeting was a visit to Cornish Orchards, Duloe.
Westnorth Manor Farm is a Duchy farm, originally a mixed and then dairy farm. The first apple trees were planted around twenty years ago, in a steep field which was difficult to farm. As these trees matured and apple juice proved to be both popular and profitable, milk production gave way to a variety of apple juices and blends of cider. The club were given a brief tour of the facilities and then enjoyed sampling some cider at different stages during its process. A very enjoyable evening!

Saturday 13 October 2012

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for Launceston Young Farmers Club was held at the White Hart Hotel last Thursday. The evening was well attended by club members and those in the advisory team. Dan Batten and Jess Brookham gave a report of their Young Farmers year as Chairman and Secretary and thanked everyone who successfully undertook their officer roles throughout the year. The evening concluded with an entertaining slideshow of photographs.

Congratulations for attaining your new roles:

President: Roger Goodman
Vice President: Winston Davey
Club leader: Alison Jones
Assistant Club Leaders: Jeremy Shute & Richard Gribble
Chairman: Tim Kenyon
Vice Chairman: Claire Butter
Secretary: Sadie Cornelius
Treasurer: Claire Butter
Assistant Treasurer: Richard Stanbury
Social Secretaries: Sam Gubbin and Jess Brookham
Programme Secretary: Louise Cooper
Skills for Life Officer: Nathan Dinnis
Supporters Club Secretary: Sofie Watton
Sports Secretaries: Lauren Cornelius and Oliver Stephens
Press and Publicity Officer: Tom Merritt  

Dinner and Dance

On Saturday 29th September, Launceston Young Farmers Club held their Annual Dinner and Dance at Roadford Lake. After a delicious three course meal the club welcomed guest speakers:  Anthony Ellis, Julian Ellis and Pat Harvey. The 2011-2012 Club Chairman, Dan Batten, also made a speech reflecting on the events of the past year. Awards were presented to members for their hard work and achievements and the evening was rounded off with an 'ipod disco' compiling the musical tastes of club members.

 The awards were: 

Most points - Claire Butter and Tom Merritt
Best Attendance - Charlotte Parker and Luke Uglow
Best New Members - Emily Brookham and Aaron Gregory
Best dramatic achievement - Sophie Watton
Most Helpful Member - Emily Brookham and Oliver Stephens
Most Points at Rally - Charlotte Parker, Claire Butter and Oliver Stephens
Best non committee members - Dan Uglow and Becky Vine
Most points in stock judging - Becky Vine
Highest Achiever in Speaking competitions (New cup donated by Dan Batten)- Claire Butter
Artistic Achievement (New cup donated by Janet Ham)- Oliver Stephens