Friday 6 December 2013

Such Clever Debaters

Yet again another first prize for Launceston! Our 5 debaters,Avril Trehane, Heather Stanbury, Stephanie Cornelius, Sadie Cornelius, Kelly Cornelius did a fantastic job at Cardinham hall. With three meaty subjects it was an entertaining evening with Launceston competing against Liskeard and Camleford. A huge well done goes to Sadie Cornelius who got the most points of the evening. A massive thank you goes out to Graham Smale and Roger Goodman for training us and supporting us on the evening. Thanks to all the hard work the debaters are now through to the county final!

Monday 18 November 2013

Farm Fire Safety Talk

Members listened to a talk by Mark White from Bodmin Fire Station who talked about the best ways to try and prevent a fire and the best ways to deal with a fire if one breaks out at your farm! Mark showed us lots of photos of serious fires and road traffic collisions and it was very interesting to learn about his role as a fire officer.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Holsworthy Carnival- The final one!

Lots of members braved a chilly night to dance on the float for the final time this year! Made much more entertaining by Dan Uglows dancing and the "happy" boys in the child catchers cage! Members danced their way to another 1st place! Meaning that we have had a first prize at every carnival attended- All the hard work paid off!!

Hatherleigh Carnival

Lots of members turned out to travel to Hatherleigh carnival, with lots of strong competition members waited eagerly to find out the results, it was a huge shock to the club to learn that we won 1st for best visiting float, best yfc float and best artistic float! A fantastic achievement at such a well supported carnival!

Monday 11 November 2013

Fireworks night!

With kind thanks to Nathan and Daisy Dinnis, club hosted a bonfire and fireworks night at their farm in North Petherwin. With parents, farmers club and NFU invited, members provided a fantastic BBQ with teas and coffees. Also Daisy's butternut squash soup went down a treat.The night was filled with the sounds of the crackling bonfire and the fireworks. A huge thanks goes out to Luke Uglow and Ed Humber who were in charge of the lighting of the fireworks. A fantastic night was had by all and thankfully my stint on the BBQ did not result in any food poisoning!

Friday 1 November 2013

New Members Evening

With plenty of the cousins, friends, neighbours and family friends dragged along to white Hart , it was the unmistakable new members evening. With Games arranged by Claire and Abby it was the perfect opportunity for members to show off to the new members. Natalie fell victim to the apple bobbing then finding the jelly baby in the flour.  Members also enjoyed games aimed at introducing each other and making new members feel welcome.  A very funny evening was to be had by all and the club wishes to see plenty of fresh faces in the next few weeks!


On behalf of the 310 people that attended the event, what a night! Hosted at Threthorne, BK discos filled the room with some great music, as always.  The fancy dress party show cased some interesting outfits with superman making an appearance and a LOT of cats. Social secretaries Amy Trehane and Dan Jasper, did a great job which reflected in the £1000 profit!
Thank you to everyone who was on the door and everyone else who helped, it was a brilliant night!

Dinner and dance

Well what a wonderful night. With suits ironed and dresses bought it was time for the annual Dinner and Dance. With a mouth-watering meal from eagle house, members, parents and guest speakers tucked in. Some fantastic speeches from Ed Humber, Timmy Kenyon and guest speakers filled the room with a lot of laughter and a few tears. Once emotions under control it was time for the cups. And thank you to Sadie Cornelius for cleaning the cups they all looked superb.

Edward Baker cup (boy and girl with most points) – Oliver Stephens & Claire Butter
JD Rashley cup (Best new boy and girl member) – Avril Trehane & Chris Heard
Jubilee Cup (best non- committee boy & girl member) – Kelly Cornelius & Dan Uglow
Ruby trophy (most meetings attended by boy & girl) - Luke aglow & Lauren Cornelius
Joan Blackmore Drama cup (Dramatic achievement) – Kelly Cornelius
Eric Neele stock judging cup (Most stock judging points gained throughout the year) – Becky Walters
Fiona French cup (Most helpful member) – Dan Jasper & Kelly Cornelius
The J C Maynard Plaque (Boy and girl gaining most points at county rally) – Oliver Stephens and Sally Bartlett
The D R Batten public speaking cup (Most improved speaker, best achievement throughout the year) – Heather Stanbury
Janet Ham cup music and artistic achievement (most improved member, best achievement)- Mitchell Hawken.

Well done to everyone who was successful!  With the excitement of cups over it was time for the pictures. Let’s just say it was mug shots galore. The rest of the evening was spent chatting and continuously changing the music on Natalie’s IPhone, that she had kindly leant us to play music through the speakers.

Friday 25 October 2013

RNLI Visit and cheque presentation!

With 25 members attending the Padstow Life Boat station it was time to brave the winter winds and accidentally visit the lighthouse at the same time. After finally finding the life boat station members enjoyed a talk by 6 of the 28 crew members about the way the Spirit of Padstow works, how they launch it and past experiences and rescues. Members were also shown around the £2.7 million life boat, where they were able to investigate every aspect of the boat. We also learnt about the cost of kitting out crew members at over £1000 each.

After members had learnt about the RNLI and  the life saving work they do, it was time to hand over the cheque. Last years chairman Timmy Kenyon handed over a cheque on behalf of Launceston Young Farmers for £2356. This amazing amount of money was raised throughout the year and may well save someone's life.

Okehampton Carnival!

With members meeting at Okehampton school on  Saturday 19th October it was time for Chitty to fly again. With our multi coloured checked waistcoats at the ready and lots of enthusiastic dancers, Launceston members managed to win "Best Original Float"!

Saturday 19 October 2013

Bowling and Dodgems!

After of discussions of cabaret had come to an end, members proceeded to the bowling lanes to show off their skills…. With bowling shoes at the ready and everyone being their usual competitive self, the club set to work with their finest bowling skills. Questionable bowling techniques from members including Amy Trehane and Thomas Merritt lead many wondering how on earth the lanes were not left with severe dents. But bowling pro Matt Coles lead the way, managing a staggering 154! As the night progressed some member’s concentration wondered as talks of a very excitable, but somewhat farfetched Emmerdale took over. Resulting in many watching the events unfold on the laptop that happened to be brought along. After bowling had come to an end (and Emmerdale) members then proceeded towards the dodgems! As usual the dodgems showcased the questionable driving capabilities of the club and how much we all love crashing into each other. Finishing the eventful evening battered and bruised!  

Sunday 13 October 2013

Launceston Carnival

With many nights spent preparing the trailer at Steve Thornes, it was finally time for Chitty to fly! With everything finished, everyone met at Newport for judging of the first carnival of the year, Launceston carnival.  The weeks of work resulted in a huge success, with Launceston winning best in carnival, best young farmers and best illuminated! A thoroughly successful and enjoyable carnival concluded with the Launceston YFC after carnival dance, where members celebrated their success, with music from Jim and Fin in the White Hart Hotel! 


Another year, another committee and what a terrific one it is this year.  Our A.G.M was held at the White hart Hotel on Thursday 10th October. With our old committee standing down our new committee consists of: 

President: Mr Winston Davey
Vice President: Mr John Whale
Club leader: Miss Alison Jones
Asst. Club Leaders: Mr Richard Gribble and Mr Simon Burden
Chairman: Miss Claire Butter
Secretary: Miss Abigail Cornelius
Treasurer: Mr Richard Stanbury
Asst. Treasurer: Mr Sam Northey
Social Secretaries: Mr Dan Jasper and Miss Amy Trehane
Programme Secretary: Miss Jess Brookham
Skills for Life Secretary: Mr Luke Uglow
Supporters Club Rep: Miss Heather Stanbury
Sports Secretaries: Boys – Mr Thomas Merritt    Girls – Miss Becky Walters
Press and Publicity: Miss Avril Trehane
GP Committee Rep: Mr Nathan Dinnis
County Executive Reps: Miss Claire Butter, Miss Abigail Cornelius, Mr Nathan Dinnis
Trustees: Mr Michael Screech, Miss Alison Jones, Miss Claire Butter, Mr Richard Stanbury.
Club Management Committee: Mr Dan Uglow, Mr Nathaniel Thomas, Mr Sam Gubbin, Miss Stephanie Cornelius, Miss Emily Brookham, Mrs Charlotte Batten.
Advisory Committee: Retire in 2014 – Mr Roger Harris, Mrs Lisa Southard, Mr Simon Burden

Many thanks to Roger Goodman, this years president who has done a fantastic job.

Tuesday 10 September 2013

The late summer rap for the Lanson massive

Swimming with the fishes
number one on list of wishes,
chilling with the haddock,
basking in the breakers.
Man splash, head bash, gate crash this beach do
Tides out, time to shout, climb out of your wet suit.

Turn up the heat Ali 'G'
burgers and beef with the flambé,
Turn up the gas, turn it to the max
HP baby, chilli for the Daddies
Tighten apron strings, bring all the things,
together create this Bee Bee Que.

Shernick, the place to pick
the strands of thought from the Braymeister
drag those answers, extract the observations,
from the chap they call 'shag'.

Centrifugal cows, browse, spaciously housed, 
silage and concrete, aromas of enterprise,
planned and considered,
pasty, cream tea and prawn cocktail crisp,
washed down with tins of fizz.

Prep, prep, prep make the marque flavoured step,
towards the high-class platter of entries that fill the rows of benches.
Inflate the tent with plenty of items
matchstick figures, splitting the atom
make that model dude surf on the square foot of turf,
photograph that new-born without a trace of forlorn,
final flourish to the cubicle entry, prize winning or not that's as maybe.

Harlequins, bright shiny things,
exchanging shoes for dappers red and blue,
Super Chris with your own bagged ball, is this just for show?
good heavens who knows.
Take time, aim and line,
make the bowl with swift smooth throw
look to the screen to see where you've been,
as the faces of those with the lowest score close,
their eyes in time for the pins to re-aline.

Sexual health, mountain of wealth
with the knowledge of an orange.
Ed said, look after your plumbs and melons
check those bits and pieces, regularly was his thesis.
A work of art Mr Hart, 'don't fart
about just listen, hear my out.
While I talk of the birds and the bees'.
Quivering bloke with a fondue set, bananas or prunes place your bets.
prancing about in the car park with that Hdi, Gti, ain't looking so clever with an Sti.
like the song goes 'express yourself', protect yourself whilst going about exposing yourself.
remember that jam roly-poly, not all confectionary is marzipan and pastry.


Sunday 7 July 2013


6th Royal Cornwall Show, the theme for this year’s cubicle was Great British Events, and ours ‘Cheese Rolling’. With the previous few weeks spent preparing the cubicle everything was in place for the first day on Thursday, the judges placed our cubicle in 14th place. St Buryan came first with Glastonbury as their theme.  With other entries including flower arranging and a 007 sign out of recycled materials, plus the stock judging and entertainment in the afternoon overall Launceston gained the most points throughout the show.

13th Car Treasure hunt, several car loads met at The Wilsey Down to be given the clues to find their way round Tresmeer, Egloskerry and Canworthy Water to end up back at The Wilsey. Along the way there was the challenge to find the biggest stone and best bunch of flowers. After Matt and Dan carried in their boulder Nick was laughed out the establishment when he walked in with his pips and bouquet.

20th After a few weeks of not having a business meeting Sadie decided to put her foot down, so tonight we met in The White Hart to run through the events of the last few meetings .

27th Talk by Josh, (an Australian) Josh is from a farming area in South Western Australia known as the wheat belt.  At the moment its winter and the ground is bare, with only 8 inches of rain per year it’s quite something that anything grows at all. In 2010 the wheat yield was just 0.2 tonnes per hectare; this is like a bag of sugar every 50 square metres. Because this part of Australia is so sparsely populated to find any ‘night life’ Josh has to travel a fair way to see people of his own age, sometimes they meet and  go to the beach or have a barbeque and watch the Rugby.  When the rugby is on these Australians like to dress as kangaroos, and swig from cans of Fosters to amuse themselves as the scoreboard tallies against their favour. A common pastime after most games;  and when filled with enough Fosters and barbeque sauce, these people take to placing bets on who can chase the dingo for the longest.  Josh told us of the numerous times that he has narrowly escaped from the teeth of these aggressive blighters, and also showed the bite marks from the times he didn’t.

Best of British Ball

Saturday 3rd August at Brendon Barton Farm
Tickets £22.50 To Book Telephone 07773898609

Monday 10 June 2013

The beginning of Summer


As we found the station shut

The weekly visit was put on hold,

Instead let’s go chip and putt

‘Ambulances all out’ we were told.


For two pound a hundred balls

We’ll need plenty of those,

‘Look out’ someone calls

Lucky it was only her toes.


Stanners brought along his bats,

Amongst all other gear

We all thought he looked a t**t

Bless him, no idea.


An auctioneer’s speech drew crowds

On the eleventh of the fourth,

He spoke well and laughed aloud

David Kivell paced back and forth.


As topics moved to sadder days

Recollections of foot and mouth,

Not again, a distant haze

Never, north or south.


Question time from Batten Fliss

When, why, What if?

‘I suppose it’s a bit like this’,

Mr Kivell combed his quiff.



Laser shooting to amuse the boys,

Not knowing until St Teath.

Facepaint, boots, Guns and toys,

Camouflaged overalls, and the rest


Duchy College, as the cool mist looms

Two mini busses roll to West Combeshead,

‘Come on, gather round’ Paul Ward booms

‘Yes Arron’ that’s what I said.


Here’s the parlour, cubicles and cows

And that’s the clusters Jeremy,

‘So, whats your breeding policy now

And average number of parity’?

Many thanks for pasty and squash

Now let’s retire to the Swingletree,

Last few spaces in the car park, bosh

Pork scratching’s, lemonade and ice for three.




A big beginning to May as stock judging preceded the AGM, appreciations must be delivered to Messer Smale, Gubbin and Uglow for capturing the various animals, explaining what to look out for and what to say when being judged. We are also indebted to Ringo star and co. for welcoming us into their establishment to conclude the evening of stock judging.

This year’s AGM was in Blackpool, county chairman Ed and team rowed along the Thames in boats of two by two, raising money with every paddle. They were joined by the ballroom dancing team who did extremely well, see video from earlier post.

The second visit of the month was to Cornwall Air Ambulance, this time the ambulance hadn’t left the building, which was fortunate because Daniel Batten had a cheque to present on behalf of the club for funds raised in the previous year whilst he was chairman.

Girls entertain boys, climbing in Exeter. Chris was first through the door, as we all know now this man has no fear of heights; a man possessed, leaping from the balconies like a ring-tailed lemur in the treetops looking for the fruit of forgiveness as once again the climbing instructor bellows up at him from the woodland floor bringing him back down to earth.

Tuesday 7 May 2013

NFYFC Ballroom Dancing Final, 2013

Check out our dancers- Sally Bartlett, Kelly Cornelius, Mitch Hawken and Oliver Stephens along with Matt Delbridge and Emma Gerry of Liskeard.
They pulled out all the stops and performed an excellent routine in the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool.
See the video here!

Tuesday 9 April 2013


'The Barn' was where seven members turned out to scrabble about walls in a shed.
7th March at Milton Abbot, not such a big turn out for this evening but those that went had enough fun to make up for the lack in numbers. As soon as they arrived Chris pushed his way past the warm welcome that he may have received, Junior rock climbing champion from 2008-2012 this man needs no introduction. Before Joe Harris; The Barn Youth Climbing Club Co-ordinator - NGB Awards: CWLA and SPA could say 'arn't you the Junior rock climbing champion from 2008-2012' Chris was gone, a man on a mission, he needs no ropes, helmet or harness, not even a dab of chalk as he strides across 'The Barn'. He reaches the highest most challenging section of the wall cordoned off by black and yellow tape, he leans forward and tares the plastic ribbon with his teeth, squares up his underpants and begins to climb. Gasps and shouts echo around the cold farm building, already the height of several dwarfs from the ground he stops and turns to look at the congregation that had gathered below, 'Chris, what are you doing?' 'Come down here'. Spotting a nearby rope dangling from the roof with one leap he grasped the climbing rope and absailed his way to the ground. Mr Harris was not impressed, throwing a harness and hat Chris' smirk eased a little as the group made their way to the changing rooms. When all geared up with supervision from a couple more instructors they all had a go at the easy section of the wall this time, with Avril drawing everyones attention to the size of her bum. Eventually we all found out why Chris didn't want to wear the harness as quite a scene unfolded when he came to take off the webbing bound garment, buckles wouldn't budge or clips move, but after much embarrassment and removal of all clothing the rock climbing champion was released.

Weymouth, South West Area 2013.
The Olympic town welcomed us with the cold and overcast weather that we have learnt to expect over the past few months, all that's needed is to close your eyes and imagine the previous years events.
The sun shone for a couple weeks to allow the wind surfing, underwater hockey, up hill swimming and extreme ironing to take place. It is quite a busy town and Leanne found this out as she stood eyes shut taking deep breaths of sea air to imagine the scene last year, the angry sound of car horns made her realise that the main road isn't the place to think of Ben Ainslie Harriot cooking a stir-fry whilst sailing just off the Dorset coast.
On Saturday morning in an upstairs room of the pavilion centre the " After dinner speaking competition", for the south west counties was held, Claire and Dan with two Camelford maids and a chap from Lostwithiel made up the team for Cornwall.
With their well prepared speech's and fine clothes they blew the judges socks of with the wit, humour and frivolous mannerisms that ooze from a perfectly formed team.
Cornwall won the competition with Daniel crowned best speaker overall.

Southern Area final winners
Cover Photo

Also the ballroom dancing team for the county from Launceston, choreographed by Sally with Kelly, Mitch and Oliver, joined by a pair from Liskeard. The three couples danced with absolute skill, brushing aside most of the competition with considerable ease, tango, rumba, quickstep and jive the moves to envy all dancers, even Len Goodmen would have given ten whole points. Mr Battens Bruno Tonioli was uncontrollable and needed to be taken aside for a while. A draw with Devon concluded.

21st March, Talk by a Mental Health Nurse.
A colleague to Sadie, who works helping people with early symptoms of psychosis. Adrian told us of the experiences he had with drugs during his youth and how this had encouraged him to use his experiences to help others, a very good talk from an interesting chap.

28th March, East vrs West County Rugby Match,
Tregorrick Park, St Austell at 7:00, this was where the annual match was played this year. From Launceston Birdy, Dan B, Dan J, Buzz and George, the team were keen to win as the west won last years match. With the east in the oppositions half for the first twenty minutes a break away try put the west ahead but failed to gain the extra points with the conversion, this made the easterly players feel quite put out, and so they retaliated with a try, and kicked the points.
During the second half after again spending a while in the oppositions half a drop goal was attempted and secured another three points for the east. Territory in the second half was more even than the first and this allowed another try for the west which again they missed the conversion, leaving the game to finish at 10 points a piece.
In other news Edd decided that he should drive to Truro during the do at the rugby club so Claire, George and myself thought we'd provide some company, as we approached Truro Claire began to tell us  how many moons ago she would dress up her brother, who worked at Treliske for a while, then Edd replied with how he used to spend hours playing with lego, George then told us what he used to do with his lego.

Friday 15 March 2013


Ice skating

On the 7th February members made their way to Plymouth to see Daniel dancing on ice.

After arriving and collecting our skates Claire told everyone that if they did fall over on the ice to make sure that they landed with clenched fists, this was just in case someone else ran over any outstretched hands chopping off fingers. We were all surprised with the confidence and elegance that Daniel displayed as he moved around the rink with considerable ease, however with Claire's words still fresh in his mind when the little demon did make a mistake his fists were clenched but arms didn't move quickly enough to meet the ice, this was done by his head instead. At least we all left with the same number of digits that we arrived with.

Talk by a Miner

St Valentines day couldn't distract this miner from down west from travelling to the White Hart.
A chap with an enviable sense of humour, the sort that can pick the grains of goodness out of the dung heap of life, even working in a mine with little more than a lamp on his head and a song in his heart Mark Kaczmarek couldn't wipe the smile of his face. After spending 17 years working at South Crofty and having a long while off work due to a severe accident he has working his way up from a man with a hammer to leading several chaps and now becoming a well respected councillor.

Team building

Thursday 21st, after a cancelled meeting this was a quickly arranged evening to have a few games and enjoy some time talking to and working with other members. Tim and Sadie were given some advice on team building at the county training weekend, and so used some ideas from that to entertain the troops tonight. A mean raffle followed the prizes cannot be mentioned.

Dung run prep+Sunday run

28th February, by kind permission of the Brookham family, members brought their old clothes and a prong and set about filling bags. Everyone was working well until Rambo appeared with his crotchless waterproofs, this provided a fair bit of amusement; surprisingly though this did speed up productivity. After all the excitement refreshments indoors were greatly enjoyed.

On Sunday 3rd we all met at Maunders car park to pose of a photograph, and made our way in to the five teams that would travel about Launceston and surrounding areas delivering bags to those who had orders and those who did not. After last years rainy season there was some concern that people would not be so keen to buy dung as they may not have done much in the garden last year, but at the end of the day after travelling around north Cornwall and west Devon all bags were sold in aid of R.N.L.I. A good weekend with no nudity.


Tuesday 12 February 2013

Dung Run

This years dung run is on Sunday the third of March.

Please tell family and friends, get an order together and ring Leanne on 07773898609

Bags are £2 and in aid of the RNLI.

Monday 11 February 2013


2013 started on a Tuesday but we didn't meet until Thursday, so on Thursday the third of January we popped down to the pantomime at Plymouth.

Dick Whittington was on, with Christopher Biggins flying round as a chandelier and Bassil Brush bouncing around in his box they amused us for hours, oh yes they did.

On the tenth we met in the Eagle House Hotel to have a darts evening, this was followed by a run through of the drama that we had been rehearsing for 'A mad breakfast'. Directed by Sally Bartlett with help from Simon Burden on the advisory committee, this evenings performance left everyone speechless, really quite speechless.

Tonight was the night that our After Dinner Speaking team took to the stage at Mount Village Hall!! Daniel Batten, Sofie Watton, Claire Butter, Heather Stanbury and Sadie Cornelius donned their best clothes and pulled out the best jokes they could find to earn a well respected and deserved 1st place :)
Thanks to the members that came to support tonight and to Ali and Roger for coming as well.

Trethorne competitions evening, Saturday the twenty sixth.
A county evening with several competitions including Ten Pin Bowling, Dodgems, Pool, Just a Minute, Pub Quiz and the dancing competition, this time ballroom. Our ballroom team Sally, Oliver, Charlotte, Sophie, Kelly and Mitch came first and will join up with Liskeard to dance for Cornwall at the south west area competition in March. Best of luck

After dinner speaking, Tuesday the twenty ninth. After dinner speaking competition, with Launceston finishing in first place earlier on in the month there were high hopes for the team tonight. It was a tight competition! Big congratulations must also go to Praze, Lostwithiel and Camelford.
Also well done to Daniel Batten for winning the best speaker award.

Parents evening, the last meeting of the month. Friends and family gathered to see what had go on over the last year, before we started a minutes silence was held for Mr Brian Kenyon. This years entertainment is drama 'A Mad Breakfast' was the title of the play that we had a go at. Also the ballroom dancing was performed and a slide show of the year in pictures, followed by a mean raffle.

Drama Round, Liskeard Town Hall on Sunday the third February.
It was show time; for many weeks we had been practising for this moment, with the aim of reaching the county final. We had an hour to rehearse in the morning before performing first in the afternoon, the morning slot found us enough time to set up the scenery and run through a few pages of script before twelve o'clock arrived and we were asked to leave. No time for the Fat Frog today we nervously nibbled some sandwich, while trying to hold Lizzie back from the muffins, Miss Brown took some persuading not to use the cable ties.
But at two o'clock with the correct makeup in the right places the curtain was drawn to the scene of a boarding house at six o'clock in the morning with Waitress Lizzie and Miss Simpkins the owner laying the tables.
The play ran seamlessly, lines were delivered with crisp clarity and perfection, those at parents evening would have been blown away with the realistic and precise performance of the actors and actresses. Its clear that the endless hours of verbal lashing from Sally and tightening of the mental thumb screws from Birdie, the repeated shouts of 'your not going home 'till you've done it properly' actually worked. The best performance ever from those people performing that script was on that stage, as the curtain fell the audience were beside themselves with admiration, there weren't enough roses in Liskeard to fulfil the insatiable appetite of those that wished they had one to take home for a vase in the kitchen.
After watching Liskeard and St Mabyn perform it was time for the judges to announce the scores for the six performances over the weekend, those through to the county final were St Mabyn, Wadebridge and Helston and St Keverne. Well done to Liskeard, St Buryan and Launceston for taking the time to put together such good performances, and from Launceston Jonny Arnold, Mitch Hawkin, Elenor Northey, Kelly Cornelius, Abby Cornelius, Sadie Cornelius, Arron Gregory, Becky Walters, Claire Butter, Sally Bartlett and Simon Burden for finding the script, directing the play, getting everyone to keep up so we could perform at Liskeard as best we could.

Saturday 19 January 2013

Parents' Night

Parents' Night has been moved back a week from 24th January to 31st January.
We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Launceston YFC Parents' Night
featuring our drama 'A Mad Breakfast'
Launceston Town Hall
7.30pm, Thursday 31st January.

Tuesday 1 January 2013


Cider, Pasty and Saffron Evening.

Saturday 8th December.
Organised by Sam Gubbin and Jess Brookham, Tresmeer village hall was feeling festive with many many people teaming up to bat back questions bowled by Ed the Duck. This may seem strange, a duck attempting cricket at a cider and pasty evening but you don't mess with the Ginger Warrior.
With up to seven people per team you can work out how many teams there were if 120 people came through the door, a lot. This made it quite tricky for the small army of helpers to serve pasty and saffron and keep up with the cheese, crisp and drink orders; but they managed.
After the ten overs the winning team was Tinselitis.

Christmas Crafts.

Thursday 13th December.
This week organised by Louise Cooper, with much help from Audrey who brought along an excellent recipe, simple yet effective. Containing the usual mixture of sultanas, raisins, currants, nutmeg and cinnamon, skin of some fruit plus some suet and other ingredients kicking around the kitchen.
This was a really fun meeting that earned some brownie points with many mothers.

The last week before Christmas sees the county events Tinsel ball and County Carol service sandwiched around our Thursdays meeting also carol singing. The nice old people at Beaumont court kindly put up with us for half an hour before we left and sang at a couple other houses in North Petherwin. Afterwards we made our way to Presidents house Mr Rodger Goodman at Treburtle for a solo by Natalie and mulled wine and nibbles.

The Christmas Party

Thursday 27th December.
Kensey Vale Bowling club was the venue, games organised by the advisory committee followed by food brought by the club. Always an entertaining evening with plenty of fun to end the year with. Find your partner by making animal noises, pick up the paper with your mouth(now we know who is most flexible with the biggest suck) and finally one of the classic team games Find me this, find me that; A blade of grass, bauble of the Christmas tree, a wallet and scarf.

Happy New Year