Saturday 13 October 2012

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for Launceston Young Farmers Club was held at the White Hart Hotel last Thursday. The evening was well attended by club members and those in the advisory team. Dan Batten and Jess Brookham gave a report of their Young Farmers year as Chairman and Secretary and thanked everyone who successfully undertook their officer roles throughout the year. The evening concluded with an entertaining slideshow of photographs.

Congratulations for attaining your new roles:

President: Roger Goodman
Vice President: Winston Davey
Club leader: Alison Jones
Assistant Club Leaders: Jeremy Shute & Richard Gribble
Chairman: Tim Kenyon
Vice Chairman: Claire Butter
Secretary: Sadie Cornelius
Treasurer: Claire Butter
Assistant Treasurer: Richard Stanbury
Social Secretaries: Sam Gubbin and Jess Brookham
Programme Secretary: Louise Cooper
Skills for Life Officer: Nathan Dinnis
Supporters Club Secretary: Sofie Watton
Sports Secretaries: Lauren Cornelius and Oliver Stephens
Press and Publicity Officer: Tom Merritt  

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