Friday 15 March 2013


Ice skating

On the 7th February members made their way to Plymouth to see Daniel dancing on ice.

After arriving and collecting our skates Claire told everyone that if they did fall over on the ice to make sure that they landed with clenched fists, this was just in case someone else ran over any outstretched hands chopping off fingers. We were all surprised with the confidence and elegance that Daniel displayed as he moved around the rink with considerable ease, however with Claire's words still fresh in his mind when the little demon did make a mistake his fists were clenched but arms didn't move quickly enough to meet the ice, this was done by his head instead. At least we all left with the same number of digits that we arrived with.

Talk by a Miner

St Valentines day couldn't distract this miner from down west from travelling to the White Hart.
A chap with an enviable sense of humour, the sort that can pick the grains of goodness out of the dung heap of life, even working in a mine with little more than a lamp on his head and a song in his heart Mark Kaczmarek couldn't wipe the smile of his face. After spending 17 years working at South Crofty and having a long while off work due to a severe accident he has working his way up from a man with a hammer to leading several chaps and now becoming a well respected councillor.

Team building

Thursday 21st, after a cancelled meeting this was a quickly arranged evening to have a few games and enjoy some time talking to and working with other members. Tim and Sadie were given some advice on team building at the county training weekend, and so used some ideas from that to entertain the troops tonight. A mean raffle followed the prizes cannot be mentioned.

Dung run prep+Sunday run

28th February, by kind permission of the Brookham family, members brought their old clothes and a prong and set about filling bags. Everyone was working well until Rambo appeared with his crotchless waterproofs, this provided a fair bit of amusement; surprisingly though this did speed up productivity. After all the excitement refreshments indoors were greatly enjoyed.

On Sunday 3rd we all met at Maunders car park to pose of a photograph, and made our way in to the five teams that would travel about Launceston and surrounding areas delivering bags to those who had orders and those who did not. After last years rainy season there was some concern that people would not be so keen to buy dung as they may not have done much in the garden last year, but at the end of the day after travelling around north Cornwall and west Devon all bags were sold in aid of R.N.L.I. A good weekend with no nudity.