Monday 23 April 2012

Farm Walk

Last Thursday a large crowd of members from Launceston YFC visited an innovative dairy farm at Lanivet to see a Lely Robotic Milking System.  Dairy farmer Mr Harvey gave the club an in depth talk about the two Astronaut A3 units which he uses, demonstrating to the club the meticulous attention that is given to maximise the yield of his high quality herd.  

The extensive electronic system which is used produces information on every cow. Since installing the system five years ago, Mr Harvey is able to identify the needs of individual cows, such as specific dietary requirements, as well as looking at the whole herd. He has discovered that the least popular time for his cows to be milked is at 4am!

The evening provided a great insight into a robotic style milking system. We would like to thank Mr Harvey for kindly inviting us to visit his farm. 

Sunday 15 April 2012

Visit to Lawrence House Museum

An interesting visit to our local town museum was enjoyed by members of Launceston Young Farmers last Thursday. The beautiful Georgian building is home to numerous exhibits which explore some of the extensive history that Launceston holds. 

Wednesday 11 April 2012

East Vs West Cornwall Rugby Match

Last Thursday a bus full of Young Farmers from Callington and Launceston travelled to Cambourne rugby club for an East Vs West Cornwall YFC rugby match. In a closely fought match the west of the county gained victory with the final score 13-7. Well done to all those who took part and to Launceston members Dan Batten, Oli Stephens, Nick Brookham, Dan Jasper and Simon Burdon for their excellent play. 

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Visit to Bodmin Jail

Luckily no one was left behind after Launceston YFC’s trip to Bodmin last Thursday evening! The club was given a very interesting tour of the jail and an in depth talk about the history contained within the walls. Built in 1779, the jail has served many purposes over the years.

The buildings formed a working prison until 1922, after which it was closed and there was no longer a prison in Cornwall. During the First World War, the prison was believed to hold some of Britain’s most precious items including the Crown Jewels and the Doomsday Book. It has also been used, in the past, as a maternity unit and a transport depot. Bodmin Jail is now a very popular tourist attraction and enthusiastic staff at the jail are continuing to explore the ruins in order to expand their understanding of the history of the premises.