Monday 26 November 2012

Indoor Sports round+final (part 2)

After finishing third at Bodmin, and with Oliver on his second whistle and Lauren now on an A4 note book, they managed to put together a team for the final at Newquay sports centre. After paddling through the puddles and avoiding the debris and dead cars that littered the A30 on the way we arrived bang on time and began to warm up.
Once again we played with our balls, weaving in and out of cones and throwing the takeaway Frisbee, running the length of the hall and finally scoring not quite as many runs in the cricket as previously to come fifth in the county.
Well done to Oliver and Lauren for marshaling the monkeys and achieving an excellent result.

New members evening

This meeting was held at Trethorne leisure farm, we had a go at some bowling and then drove at each other on Dogems. Great.
As always new members are more than welcome to come along and see what we get up to. Keep an eye on the facebook page and the Launceston YFC website, the calendar facility has some information on forthcoming events.
Chairman Tim 07794537208, Secretary Sadie 07557444802.

Indoor Sports Round+Final

After many weeks of practise we arrived at Bodmin to compete in the Indoor Sports Round for the Clubs in the East of the county. We threw Frisbees, dribbled small balls and bounced our big balls we played Cricket, ran wall to wall, hopped, skipped and jumped our way in to third place which gets us through to the final at Newquay in the following weeks.
To Be Continued.

Wednesday 7 November 2012

01/11/2012 Indoor sports practice

The first meeting after the clocks fall back, this seemed like a good time to have our indoor sports practise. This also gives the sports sectaries a chance to decide who will compete in the various events at the county round in the coming week.
Oliver Stephens and Lauren Cornelius took control for this evening, with Laurens keen eye and note keeping and with Oliver blowing his whistle quite delightfully after the given time had elapsed they both did a fine job in selecting members to represent Launceston at Bodmin school sports hall on the 13th November.

Monday 5 November 2012

25/10/2012 New Members Evening

This Thursday we met for an evening of fun and games, and a chance for new members to come along and see what fun young farmers can be.
Meetings are Thursday evenings and range from visits to a variety of business and charities, talks by various people and the usuall club, county and regional competitions. 
New members are always welcome for more information please contact;
Chairman, Tim Kenyon 07794537208