Tuesday 29 May 2012

Car Treasure Hunt

This week, cars full of Launceston YFC members left the Pig Market Car Park for a competitive car treasure hunt. They spent the evening travelling around the countryside, following clever cryptic clues and collecting abstract items!

Along the journey items which had to be collected included a post card, a take away menu and a Rhododendron flower! The treasure hunt lasted until dusk and finished at Coads Green Village where a well earned barbeque was enjoyed.

Well done to the winning team ‘Ellis and Some Other People!’ and many thanks to Mike and Oliver Stephens for organising such an entertaining and action packed car treasure hunt!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Boys Entertain Girls

This week it was the boys turn to entertain the girls with an evening of Cornish Wrestling. Members were given an informative talk whereby Champion Cornish Wrestler Gerry Cawley gave an overview of the rules and objective of the game. He explained that the wrestlers wear tough jackets to enable them to gain a better grip on their opponent, and that all holds must be taken upon the other wrestlers jacket. Grabbing of the wrists or fingers as well as any holding below the waist is forbidden!

Following this talk, the experts gave a demonstration and the club members were able to participate in some Cornish Wrestling movements. The fun and interactive evening definitely entertained everyone. Many thanks to Gerry and his helpers. 

Monday 14 May 2012

Stock Judging

Members were given a good insight into Stock Judging at Thursday’s club meeting. Experts from the Dairy, Beef and Sheep industries taught members how to judge stock in preparation the busy competition season this summer. Roger Goodman (dairy), Tim Bastard (beef) and Stuart Cornelious (sheep)  taught members of Launceston YFC what to look out for in a good ‘stamp’ of animal, and how to give reasons for their opinions to a judge. They explained that the key to good stock judging is being able to explain your choices simply and clearly, using the correct vocabulary.

The evening was educational and encouraged all members to try their hand at stock judging. Forthcoming competitions are included at Competitions Day (26th May) and Royal Cornwall Show (7th/8th/9th June). Who knows… it could be you representing Cornwall at the National Stock Judging Final this year!

Many thanks to Roger, Tim and Stuart for sharing their knowledge with the club.  

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Girls Entertain Boys…

... and boy were they entertained! Launceston YFC revisited their childhood days when the girls took the boys for an evening at Trethorne Leisure Farm.

Everyone enjoyed their fun filled evening and to round up the day club president, Janet Ham, gave the club a lesson on the skills of ‘hair dressing’. Initially demonstrating her talents on the girls, the boys were then given the opportunity to have a go!

Many thanks to Jess Brookham for organising the evening. 

Jump Rope Final

A talented team of skippers from Launceston Young Farmers represented the South West region at the Nationl YFC AGM last weekend. Dan Batten, Tom Merrit, Becky and Katie Vine travelled to Torquay to compete in a Jump Rope Competition which involved performing a variety of movements and tricks with a skipping rope.

The team’s highly polished routine and energetic performance resulted in an excellent achievement of 3rd place. Well done for attaining this brilliant result! 

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Teagle Machinery Ltd

An interesting and action packed evening was in store for Lanson YFC last Thursday as the club visited Teagle Agricultural Machinery at Blackwater, Truro. A dedicated team of staff gave members an in depth insight into the production line within the business. The club was shown the initial design and development process using Computer Aided Design software and then the practise of making machinery products in the factory. Members could see how a plain sheet of metal undergoes cutting and bending techniques to create components of the final product.

The tour continued with welding and painting departments, and finally viewing the finished items which are sold all over the world, as well as within the UK.

The family run business has grown from strength to strength in the last 60 years and there are now over 130 employees. It was visible to see a great emphasis upon product quality, value for money and customer care that Teagle Machinery Ltd provides. The club would like to thank the staff for such a well organised and inspirational evening.