Tuesday 9 April 2013


'The Barn' was where seven members turned out to scrabble about walls in a shed.
7th March at Milton Abbot, not such a big turn out for this evening but those that went had enough fun to make up for the lack in numbers. As soon as they arrived Chris pushed his way past the warm welcome that he may have received, Junior rock climbing champion from 2008-2012 this man needs no introduction. Before Joe Harris; The Barn Youth Climbing Club Co-ordinator - NGB Awards: CWLA and SPA could say 'arn't you the Junior rock climbing champion from 2008-2012' Chris was gone, a man on a mission, he needs no ropes, helmet or harness, not even a dab of chalk as he strides across 'The Barn'. He reaches the highest most challenging section of the wall cordoned off by black and yellow tape, he leans forward and tares the plastic ribbon with his teeth, squares up his underpants and begins to climb. Gasps and shouts echo around the cold farm building, already the height of several dwarfs from the ground he stops and turns to look at the congregation that had gathered below, 'Chris, what are you doing?' 'Come down here'. Spotting a nearby rope dangling from the roof with one leap he grasped the climbing rope and absailed his way to the ground. Mr Harris was not impressed, throwing a harness and hat Chris' smirk eased a little as the group made their way to the changing rooms. When all geared up with supervision from a couple more instructors they all had a go at the easy section of the wall this time, with Avril drawing everyones attention to the size of her bum. Eventually we all found out why Chris didn't want to wear the harness as quite a scene unfolded when he came to take off the webbing bound garment, buckles wouldn't budge or clips move, but after much embarrassment and removal of all clothing the rock climbing champion was released.

Weymouth, South West Area 2013.
The Olympic town welcomed us with the cold and overcast weather that we have learnt to expect over the past few months, all that's needed is to close your eyes and imagine the previous years events.
The sun shone for a couple weeks to allow the wind surfing, underwater hockey, up hill swimming and extreme ironing to take place. It is quite a busy town and Leanne found this out as she stood eyes shut taking deep breaths of sea air to imagine the scene last year, the angry sound of car horns made her realise that the main road isn't the place to think of Ben Ainslie Harriot cooking a stir-fry whilst sailing just off the Dorset coast.
On Saturday morning in an upstairs room of the pavilion centre the " After dinner speaking competition", for the south west counties was held, Claire and Dan with two Camelford maids and a chap from Lostwithiel made up the team for Cornwall.
With their well prepared speech's and fine clothes they blew the judges socks of with the wit, humour and frivolous mannerisms that ooze from a perfectly formed team.
Cornwall won the competition with Daniel crowned best speaker overall.

Southern Area final winners
Cover Photo

Also the ballroom dancing team for the county from Launceston, choreographed by Sally with Kelly, Mitch and Oliver, joined by a pair from Liskeard. The three couples danced with absolute skill, brushing aside most of the competition with considerable ease, tango, rumba, quickstep and jive the moves to envy all dancers, even Len Goodmen would have given ten whole points. Mr Battens Bruno Tonioli was uncontrollable and needed to be taken aside for a while. A draw with Devon concluded.

21st March, Talk by a Mental Health Nurse.
A colleague to Sadie, who works helping people with early symptoms of psychosis. Adrian told us of the experiences he had with drugs during his youth and how this had encouraged him to use his experiences to help others, a very good talk from an interesting chap.

28th March, East vrs West County Rugby Match,
Tregorrick Park, St Austell at 7:00, this was where the annual match was played this year. From Launceston Birdy, Dan B, Dan J, Buzz and George, the team were keen to win as the west won last years match. With the east in the oppositions half for the first twenty minutes a break away try put the west ahead but failed to gain the extra points with the conversion, this made the easterly players feel quite put out, and so they retaliated with a try, and kicked the points.
During the second half after again spending a while in the oppositions half a drop goal was attempted and secured another three points for the east. Territory in the second half was more even than the first and this allowed another try for the west which again they missed the conversion, leaving the game to finish at 10 points a piece.
In other news Edd decided that he should drive to Truro during the do at the rugby club so Claire, George and myself thought we'd provide some company, as we approached Truro Claire began to tell us  how many moons ago she would dress up her brother, who worked at Treliske for a while, then Edd replied with how he used to spend hours playing with lego, George then told us what he used to do with his lego.