Monday 11 February 2013


2013 started on a Tuesday but we didn't meet until Thursday, so on Thursday the third of January we popped down to the pantomime at Plymouth.

Dick Whittington was on, with Christopher Biggins flying round as a chandelier and Bassil Brush bouncing around in his box they amused us for hours, oh yes they did.

On the tenth we met in the Eagle House Hotel to have a darts evening, this was followed by a run through of the drama that we had been rehearsing for 'A mad breakfast'. Directed by Sally Bartlett with help from Simon Burden on the advisory committee, this evenings performance left everyone speechless, really quite speechless.

Tonight was the night that our After Dinner Speaking team took to the stage at Mount Village Hall!! Daniel Batten, Sofie Watton, Claire Butter, Heather Stanbury and Sadie Cornelius donned their best clothes and pulled out the best jokes they could find to earn a well respected and deserved 1st place :)
Thanks to the members that came to support tonight and to Ali and Roger for coming as well.

Trethorne competitions evening, Saturday the twenty sixth.
A county evening with several competitions including Ten Pin Bowling, Dodgems, Pool, Just a Minute, Pub Quiz and the dancing competition, this time ballroom. Our ballroom team Sally, Oliver, Charlotte, Sophie, Kelly and Mitch came first and will join up with Liskeard to dance for Cornwall at the south west area competition in March. Best of luck

After dinner speaking, Tuesday the twenty ninth. After dinner speaking competition, with Launceston finishing in first place earlier on in the month there were high hopes for the team tonight. It was a tight competition! Big congratulations must also go to Praze, Lostwithiel and Camelford.
Also well done to Daniel Batten for winning the best speaker award.

Parents evening, the last meeting of the month. Friends and family gathered to see what had go on over the last year, before we started a minutes silence was held for Mr Brian Kenyon. This years entertainment is drama 'A Mad Breakfast' was the title of the play that we had a go at. Also the ballroom dancing was performed and a slide show of the year in pictures, followed by a mean raffle.

Drama Round, Liskeard Town Hall on Sunday the third February.
It was show time; for many weeks we had been practising for this moment, with the aim of reaching the county final. We had an hour to rehearse in the morning before performing first in the afternoon, the morning slot found us enough time to set up the scenery and run through a few pages of script before twelve o'clock arrived and we were asked to leave. No time for the Fat Frog today we nervously nibbled some sandwich, while trying to hold Lizzie back from the muffins, Miss Brown took some persuading not to use the cable ties.
But at two o'clock with the correct makeup in the right places the curtain was drawn to the scene of a boarding house at six o'clock in the morning with Waitress Lizzie and Miss Simpkins the owner laying the tables.
The play ran seamlessly, lines were delivered with crisp clarity and perfection, those at parents evening would have been blown away with the realistic and precise performance of the actors and actresses. Its clear that the endless hours of verbal lashing from Sally and tightening of the mental thumb screws from Birdie, the repeated shouts of 'your not going home 'till you've done it properly' actually worked. The best performance ever from those people performing that script was on that stage, as the curtain fell the audience were beside themselves with admiration, there weren't enough roses in Liskeard to fulfil the insatiable appetite of those that wished they had one to take home for a vase in the kitchen.
After watching Liskeard and St Mabyn perform it was time for the judges to announce the scores for the six performances over the weekend, those through to the county final were St Mabyn, Wadebridge and Helston and St Keverne. Well done to Liskeard, St Buryan and Launceston for taking the time to put together such good performances, and from Launceston Jonny Arnold, Mitch Hawkin, Elenor Northey, Kelly Cornelius, Abby Cornelius, Sadie Cornelius, Arron Gregory, Becky Walters, Claire Butter, Sally Bartlett and Simon Burden for finding the script, directing the play, getting everyone to keep up so we could perform at Liskeard as best we could.

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