Tuesday 10 September 2013

The late summer rap for the Lanson massive

Swimming with the fishes
number one on list of wishes,
chilling with the haddock,
basking in the breakers.
Man splash, head bash, gate crash this beach do
Tides out, time to shout, climb out of your wet suit.

Turn up the heat Ali 'G'
burgers and beef with the flambé,
Turn up the gas, turn it to the max
HP baby, chilli for the Daddies
Tighten apron strings, bring all the things,
together create this Bee Bee Que.

Shernick, the place to pick
the strands of thought from the Braymeister
drag those answers, extract the observations,
from the chap they call 'shag'.

Centrifugal cows, browse, spaciously housed, 
silage and concrete, aromas of enterprise,
planned and considered,
pasty, cream tea and prawn cocktail crisp,
washed down with tins of fizz.

Prep, prep, prep make the marque flavoured step,
towards the high-class platter of entries that fill the rows of benches.
Inflate the tent with plenty of items
matchstick figures, splitting the atom
make that model dude surf on the square foot of turf,
photograph that new-born without a trace of forlorn,
final flourish to the cubicle entry, prize winning or not that's as maybe.

Harlequins, bright shiny things,
exchanging shoes for dappers red and blue,
Super Chris with your own bagged ball, is this just for show?
good heavens who knows.
Take time, aim and line,
make the bowl with swift smooth throw
look to the screen to see where you've been,
as the faces of those with the lowest score close,
their eyes in time for the pins to re-aline.

Sexual health, mountain of wealth
with the knowledge of an orange.
Ed said, look after your plumbs and melons
check those bits and pieces, regularly was his thesis.
A work of art Mr Hart, 'don't fart
about just listen, hear my out.
While I talk of the birds and the bees'.
Quivering bloke with a fondue set, bananas or prunes place your bets.
prancing about in the car park with that Hdi, Gti, ain't looking so clever with an Sti.
like the song goes 'express yourself', protect yourself whilst going about exposing yourself.
remember that jam roly-poly, not all confectionary is marzipan and pastry.


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