Saturday 19 October 2013

Bowling and Dodgems!

After of discussions of cabaret had come to an end, members proceeded to the bowling lanes to show off their skills…. With bowling shoes at the ready and everyone being their usual competitive self, the club set to work with their finest bowling skills. Questionable bowling techniques from members including Amy Trehane and Thomas Merritt lead many wondering how on earth the lanes were not left with severe dents. But bowling pro Matt Coles lead the way, managing a staggering 154! As the night progressed some member’s concentration wondered as talks of a very excitable, but somewhat farfetched Emmerdale took over. Resulting in many watching the events unfold on the laptop that happened to be brought along. After bowling had come to an end (and Emmerdale) members then proceeded towards the dodgems! As usual the dodgems showcased the questionable driving capabilities of the club and how much we all love crashing into each other. Finishing the eventful evening battered and bruised!  

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