Thursday 11 February 2016

Visit to Crediton Milling

This week, we ventured up into Devon to visit the feed mill, Crediton Milling. We were split into two groups and we went on a tour around the different buildings. Our guides explained all the different ingredients that go into the different feeds, and showed us the storage facilities of the raw materials. We were then guided through how the system works and looked at the machines working. We also looked at the loading bays where the lorrys get loaded. They get loaded in the evenings so that when the lorry drivers get there at 5am, they are all ready to go. There are 15 lorrys in total that deliver animal feed from the site on the edge of Crediton. We were also shown the control room for the mill, which has recently been upgraded to new software. Two 26" monitors and one 50" displayed everything that was going on, and they were able to show us the process in a more simple view.

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