Thursday 18 February 2016

Talk by Scott Mann MP

On the 18th February, we were lucky enough to have our local MP, Scott Mann talk to us at the White Hart. Members of Camelford YFC also joined us to listen to Scott talk about his past and how he got into politics. He told us how he had originally studied finance with the aim of being a banker, but after a few years he didn't like it and wanted a job outside, so chose to be a postman. He stayed in this job for 20 years before becoming the MP. He joined the local council at Wadebridge when he was just 29 to try and improve the local housing situation, and it extended from there to eventually being elected for MP. He then asked us to ask him questions about what we thought the local issues were regarding young people in rural communities. We had in depth discussions about education, badger culling, and he also told us why he thought it was better for the area if we were to leave the EU. A short business meeting was held after the talk.

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