Sunday 15 November 2009

wine & wisdom & hatherleigh carnival

Thanks to everyone for coming to the Wine & Wisdom evening. Due to the stormy weather causing a near cancellation, then people delayed in turning up, as well as a PA system that didn't want to work we had a bit of a late start, but the evening went well in the end. Thanks to all members who helped out, including Oli, Tam, Mel, Ed and Claire who came to help me clear up yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a few concerned calls about whether we were going to go to Hatherleigh Carnival or not cause of the weather. Thankfully it cleared up - no wind or rain all evening and we managed to get second place. Cudos to Stratton YFC who created their carnival float from scratch yesterday and entered it in the evening - not up to Lanson YFC standards of course, but well done anyway!

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