Monday 2 November 2009

meeting, carnival & halloween

Last thursday's meeting was the second part of the sign language course. The teaching was a little quick for some, but most people enjoyed it and we had a bumper turnout of 32 people!

Camelford carnival on saturday went well, and we came away with second place (we should have won really we all reckoned!). It's a bit of an odd carnival, just going up and down one street, but was still a good laugh. Hatherleigh Carnival is a week on saturday. Pictures are here

Halloween disco later that evening was a great event, and I'm really impressed with BK discos who kept the party going. If anyone knows who started that brief fight, please quietly tell them they're not welcome at any of our do's again - behaviour like that gives us a bad name and ruins people's evenings, even though it's generally nothing to do with the Young Farmers. It was good to see Frayner out as well, after a period of hibernation! Pictures are here

Club meeting this thurs is Fireworks - a change to original plan to be later and more local; it's now 7.00pm meeting by Launceston Leisure Centre itself (£5 to get into event but should be good!).

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