Saturday 24 September 2011

Club Harvest Festival

St Mary Magdalene Church in Launceston was the chosen venue for the club's Harvest Festival, which took place on Thursday 22nd September. The church was beautifully decorated with fruit and vegetables that had been homegrown by the members, and this year, the club's long-forgotten plough took pride of place at the front of the church. Numerous members took part in the service, including Chairman Ed Humber, who led part of the service; Hannah Gribble, Dan Batten and Oli Stephens, who read an alternative version of the Lord's Prayer; Sofie Watton and Claire Butter, who read the lessons from the Bible, plus a large number of people who presented the produce. Following this, friends and family were invited back to Eagle House to share our Harvest Supper. Warm thanks go to Reverend David Michaels for leading the service and the church organist.

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