Wednesday 27 July 2011

Rally at Pensipple Farm

It was a surprise to have a dry rally this year! Members from all over the county gathered at Pensipple Farm, near St Keyne, Liskeard to show their skills at numerous competitions, including cookery, handicraft, floristry, art and photography. The day also consisted of practical tasks, games and sports, with Ellis' (county chairman) flying machine being a crowd catcher! Launceston YFC's plastic bag and hot air design proved how the most simplistic designs can be the most effective, as ours flew for miles and miles.
Being a beautiful day, many members were keen to partake in the water sports (greasy pole, search and find, water catching) or get dirty with the egg and flour race! A good day was had by all and won overall by Helston and St Keverne. The evening event was equally well supported and enjoyable.

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