Friday 18 June 2010


Paul Cossens from the Environment Agency came to Eagle House last night to give us a talk on his work along the Inney, Kensey and Ottery rivers. Whilst as expected a few people were sceptical about hearing anything new, it was in fact pretty interesting.

He discussed crop breaks against rivers, breaking up maize fields after harvesting to allow rainwater to penetrate instead of causing soil erosion, and how covering your dung heap stops half the nitrogen content leaching out. One thing a lot of people took away with them is that the Agency isn't out to prosecute, and accepts accidents happen - it's whether you let them know it's happened and whether you do everything you can to try and rectify it - apparently fines don't happen as often if that's the case!

Hope to see everyone at Burdie's shed to prepare for tomorrow night... the LAUNCESTON YFC CARIBBEAN DISCO. Spread the word!

Also this sunday, it's the next Supersunday trip -we're off to Splashdown in Paignton - it looks like fun. We need as many as possible to help clearing up at Burdie's sunday morning, then we'll set off from there/Kennards at about 11.30am. Sorry this clashes with fathers day but it's just the way it worked out.

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