Tuesday 8 June 2010


Last thursday Mr Anthony Ellis Esq. - Cornwall YFC Vice-Chairman and Agronomist for Matford Arable invited us to his home farm; Pensipple Farm, Liskeard for an Agronomy talk/farm walk. After an introduction, we walked to grass, barley, maize and oat fields, learning about about crop management, herbicides, pesticides, and how his house is actually heated by the 6 acres of oats in one of the fields!

A lot of the land is rented by Graham Whiting, who rears barley beef, so we got a second farm walk on the same night, looking at his modern and well ordered rearing unit.

Our Royal Cornwall Show cubicle is going well - we put it up last night, and have finishing touches to do at Wadebridge tonight, so only a couple of days 'til you all get to see it (lets hope the weather clears up). Thanks to everyone who has helped, for their hard work in preparing it.

See you at the show!

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