Wednesday 3 March 2010


So after months of practice, we went down to Penzance St Johns Hall for the Drama final. Despite all being confident of a Launceston win, it was not to be, with Praze YFC going though to the south west final. Well done everyone; it was a great performance, and lots of fun getting there. Many thanks to Rose Hill - our director - for all the time and effort she put in to help get us where we got to.

The next day we met at 9am for our
Annual Dung Run in Launceston. Despite not having many orders the week before, we ended up selling everything we had, and went to do a quick bagging of another 100 on sunday afternoon, thanks to the Blakes for the short notice!

Well now that drama's over, we've got enough time to replace it with something equally punishing... see you at
Tug of War training later!

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