Wednesday 24 March 2010

bee positive

Last night a few of us popped down to county office for a talk by Jack Russell, a motivational speaker. It was tied in with the NVQ leadership course Pip, Sarah Ed and myself are doing through YFC, but was open to anyone. I encouraged club members to go over the past couple of weeks but now I wished I forced them, he was that good!

He did some exercises, played some videos, got people up to do demonstations and encouraged people throughout the evening to be positive and encouraging both in your work, yfc and personal lives, instead of focusing on the negatives, and the benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone. Sounds a bit new age? It wasn't, it's just hard to put into words. Needless to say everyone left the building very happy and positive, and may even have a new outlook on life!

So when they organise a similar talk next year, GO!

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