Friday 12 February 2010

livelihood forum

One of the most interesting LYFC meetings I've attended, this one.

The Livelhood forum is a meeting held every year where three local businesspersons talk to us about their experiences in life and business, and pass on good advice. Last night was no exception.

First of all we had Mr Robert Tucker from Milton Abott, who whilst being a large scale sheep farmer, concentrated his talk on their B&B dirvesification, with many interesting stories.

Next was Mr Adam Fox-Edwards, of the Arundal Arms, Lifton. Adam talked us through his 20 year career in the RAF, including such stories as the time one of his jet engines failed over Iraq during the gulf war(!!!), and how it takes under 10 minutes to get from Lifton to Wales in a Tornado jet fighter. He finished by talking about his post-RAF career as a management consultant, and most recently his business; the Arundell. Fascinating.

Finally, Mr Terry Jones spoke to us about his experiences of dairy and sheep farming, contracting, and his great involvement with Launceston YFC over the years, which gave all members a great insight into his life, and where the club has come from.

I asked all of them to finish by giving any bit of advice in a minute of less, and the basis of all three speaker's answer was to seize every opportunity that comes along, whatever it may be, and make the most of it.

Remember that.

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