Saturday 12 December 2015

Snow Ball

After many months of planning, our 'Snow Ball' was finally here. Launceston town hall had been decorated with festive lights and Christmas trees, and the tables had Christmas themes salt and pepper pots and wreathes. All 180 tickets for the event were sold way before the event and there was even a waiting list.
On arrival, guests were given a reception of mulled wine, and mingled before sitting down to a roast meal at 7.30. Turkey and beef were served with three vegetables, carrots, peas and red cabbage. This was followed by dessert, choices were Christmas pudding or lemon rulade. Once the meal was over, it was time for the £5 note raffle. Everyone that wanted to enter wrote their name on a note, and the winner took home half of the takings. The other half will be going to one of the chosen charities of the year. Well done to the lucky guest that took home £165!
The band for the evening, Fleeting Glimpse, commenced after the raffle. They played two stints, with DJ Pasty filling in between and after, both playing a mix of up to date and older tunes to satisfy all tastes.

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