Saturday 8 October 2011

Club AGM

The club's Annual General Meeting that was held this week, marked the end of the young farmers year for chairman Ed Humber and Secretary Sofie Watton. The evening was held at the White Hart Hotel and was well attended by both club members and those on the advisory team. A run down of the year was provided as both speeches from Ed and Sophie , along with a pictorial slideshow that highlighted Ed's most memorable moments. Thanks were also expressed to everyone who had successfully performed roles over that past 12 months.

Congratulations to new post holders who are:
President: Janet Ham
Vice President: Roger Goodman
Assistant Club Leaders: Jeremy Shute & Richard Gribble
Chairman: Daniel Batten
Vice Chairman: Tim Kenyon
Secretary: Jess Brookham
Treasurer: Nick Brookham
Assistant Treasurer: Claire Butter
Social Secretaries: Martin Grigg and Tom Merritt
Programme Secretary: Oliver Stephens
Skills for Life Officer: Sam Gubbin
Supporters Club Secretary: Nathan Dinnis
Sports Secretaries: Sadie Cornelious & Richard Stanbury
Press and Publicity Officer: Hannah Gribble

New Chairman, Daniel Batten ended the meeting by announcing his chosen charity for the year, which will be Cornwall Air Ambulance.

 Ed hands over the club banner and hammer to Daniel.

New club President, Chairman and Secretary for 2011-2012.

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