Friday 26 November 2010

After Dinner Speaking

Huge congratulations go to Daniel Batten, Jo Maynard, Tamsyn Bartlett, Pippa Kempthorne and Debbie Cornelius, who came FIRST at the after dinner speaking competition this week. They now go through to the final (see the calendar for more details). Once again, we wish them the best of luck!


  1. hello. my name is mary and i was wondering you said we have to be 16 and over. but my mum mum went and she satarted at 14 so i was wondering if i was aloud to start that age aswell or is it 16.

  2. Hello Mary,
    You are right, members can be as young as 10, but Launceston YFC tends to be an older group and so we advise members to join at the age of 16. We also believe it is important for you to focus on school work. That aside, why not keep an eye out for the once a month round up in the Cornish and Devon for contact details so you can speak to the clubs chairman, or alternatively I will email them to you. Thank you for your post.


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