Monday 6 September 2010

club exchange - the return

After our trip down Praze way for a club exchange a few weeks ago, we re-paid the favour this weekend. Unfortunately it was an exceptionally sunny few days, meaning a lot of people down west were harvesting and so we were down on numbers.

However, that didn't stop us. Friday night we went to Widemouth Bay for a beach BBQ, including a bit of swim & surf for a few of us, followed by a pint at Widemouth Manor. Saturday PM, the Ham family kindly let us on a farm tour of Higher Basil, St Clether, where Andrew walked us round the buildings, their immaculately organised collection of gear, then took us on a ride round their fields behind the pickup truck.

Saturday night, a group of us had a meal at the White Horse, following which Praze YFC turned up and we started our 3-legged fancy dress pub tour of Launceston... Lots of fun.

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