Friday 13 August 2010

farm walk

Two dairy farm walks in a week for some of us! The first being on our club exchange, the second last night, courtesy of Rex Ward and family.

Rex has three farms based around Crackington Haven, all based around grazing and feed production for his 300 odd cow dairy unit.  And with us on a trailer on the back of his TM190, we saw them all... very quickly!

Upon return to Trehole Farm, we had a good look around their cubicles and parlour which were extremely well thought through and set out, and were shown a number of clever things they'd setup to increase efficiency and reduces costs. The most impressive bit for me was the backing gate which doubled as a scraper.

After a customary pasty and cake, we headed off to the Wilsey. Many thanks to the Wards for taking the time to show us around.

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