Friday 9 April 2010

boys entertain

After all the feminine activities us lads recieved at the Girls Entertain Boys evening, I felt it was only right we return the favour! So last night at Tregadillet Hall we did.

-Martin Grigg set up a weight lifting challenge
-Ed Humber organised a game called Swingletree, a bit like tug of war but one-on-one
-Tim Kenyon and Matt Dinnis got everyone to pick out all the vital parts under a car bonnet
-Luke Uglow demonstated and supervised log chopping
-I borrowed my brother's Playstation and had everyone playing the Guitar Hero game

I think eveyone enjoyed it, and they all joined in and did really well, however a mention must go to Kirsty Martin, Bryony Jasper and Sofie Watton who all excelled in various areas!

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