Sunday 17 January 2010

its all a big pantomime

Last thursday we popped down to Plymouth to see the Aladin pantomime at the Theatre Royal. Having never been to anything but a local panto I was most impressed, especially with the 3D stuff they had on stage. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and Ali Jones was pleased (I think) to have Christopher Biggins give her a big 'Happy Birthday Ali' over the PA!

PARENTS EVENING is a week thursday (28th Jan), comprising the run through of the year, and the first performance of our drama production which is the comedy 'Half An Idea' by Bob Larbey. Due to a few hitches we have yet to confirm a venue, but it looks like it may be Callington Town Hall, starting at 7.30 - check back again in a few days.

Finally, as you may be aware I spent most of last year down under, and so Launceston Farmers Club have asked me to give a talk on my travels. I'm sure they won't mind club members turning up so please come along. Their AGM is at 7.30pm and I'm talking afterwards from about 9pm, at Eagle House tommorow night (monday)

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